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An End-to-end Luxury Packaging Solution

Packaging is part of the product. It’s the first tangible brand connection. Our experience-driven design narrates your product, revealing layers of meaning in your brand story. Through award-winning design, state-of-the-art manufacturing, and intelligent logistics, we create and produce the most innovative custom luxury packaging solutions.

The best luxury packaging starts with a good design strategy. Our branding, graphic, and structural design experts collaborate to create packaging from the customer’s point of view. They inject each custom package with a unique narrative through package branding, innovative structural engineering, and beautiful graphics. With our comprehensive brand packaging solutions, we ensure that your packaging not only looks visually appealing but also effectively communicates your brand story to your target audience.

Zenpack's high tech packaging

We have an international network of facilities to transform any design into reality. Our luxury printed packaging process begins in the concept phase, giving clients access to an extensive library of materials, printing methods, and finishes. Zenpack designers and project managers work closely with material experts and our ISO-certified printing fleet to maintain industry-leading quality control.

Packaging fulfillment operations

We know what it takes to get your custom package to the right place. More than just a luxury bespoke packaging company, we provide shipping, fulfillment, and channel compliance on a global scale. We specialize in connecting high end retail packaging and ecommerce packaging to entirely new audiences around the world.

What Brands Think of Our High-end Packaging

What Makes Us Luxury Retail Packaging Experts

premium packaging examples

We’re a group of high-end product packaging experts spanning time zones and supply chains. We have a full team of structural engineers, graphic designers, creative strategists, printing & manufacturing technicians, and project managers located in the US, China, and Taiwan. From helping startups launch luxury e-commerce packaging solutions to manufacturing high volumes of custom luxury retail packaging, we have the experience and production capabilities for projects of any size.

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premium packaging examples

Packaging for the Future

We believe that sustainable packaging is the future. It’s the core of everything we do at Zenpack, from structural engineering and materials to fulfillment and shipping. Sustainability starts with intelligent packaging design and sourcing the most eco-friendly materials available. From there, we work with you to create a luxury sustainable packaging strategy that will also save time and money. Achieving this goal can be as simple as reducing fuel costs or reducing kitting time; our team of experts analyzes every step of the packaging journey to achieve your brand’s sustainability goals. Learn more about the Zenpack approach on our sustainability page.

Luxury Product Packaging Case Studies

puglia-header banner
puglia-header banner

Discovering an Italian destination one sensory experience at a time.
Zenpack created an advent calendar-style package filled with products unique to the Puglia region.

Building a brand—and boxes—to help kids build robots.

Brooklyn Robot Foundry-header banner
Brooklyn Robot Foundry-header banner

A cohesive packaging strategy to build brand awareness.
Zenpack created a uniform supply chain and packaging strategy so T3 Micro could save time and money while opening up new brand opportunities.

Packaging Insights

Insider knowledge, customer stories, and industry tips from experts who think outside the box.

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