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Opal Tadpole Camera
Touted as the world’s smallest webcam, the packaging for the Tadpole is equally compact. Made entirely of paper material, we strategically created hidden channels with molded pulp to neatly house the cable while presenting the product front and center. We designed a neat little flap on the lid; when customers close the packaging, they get a satisfying clicking feedback.

The new packaging is delivered in a compact yet intuitive shipper system that allows each of the components to nest in its own space for unboxing. From the easy-tear opening for the refill shipper to the organized stacking insert for the launching kit, we aimed to create a holistic experience that matches the Pendulum product line.

Each packaging element reflects our meticulous attention to detail, delivering a premium appearance and tactile experience that sets BIGFACE Coffee apart. We took Gold at the iF Design Awards 2024 for the first time, distinguishing us among the highly competitive field as one of the only 75 recipients of the prestigious Gold Award.

Cambio Coffee
Cambio Coffee’s sustainable containers are crafted from molded pulp for easy recycling and composting. Once opened, the container transforms into a countertop recycling bin. Since it’s made from molded pulp, the container can also be used as a sort of at-home composting bin.

True Marker
True Marker’s home testing device received acclaim for its comprehensive and dynamic packaging system, facilitating scale and navigating logistical constraints effectively. The design provides easy access for users of all ages, abilities, and genders while maintaining fulfillment efficiency and packaging sustainability.

Jinx Drinx
Jinx Drinx is a tamper-proof, straw-embedded soft pouch solution for alcoholic beverages. We opted for an innovative soft drink pouch design to infuse the packaging with a touch of fun and character. With an embedded straw, the packaging ensures tamper resistance and convenient consumption.



In a collaboration with the design studio Brandmonger, we produced the entire packaging family for BIGFACE, an otherworldly coffee brand by NBA All-Star Jimmy Butler. We won Third Place at the 2023 Dieline Awards, our first trophy in the highly competitive Beverages category.

Brooklyn Robot Foundry Robot Building Kits
Based in Germany, the iF Design Awards recognizes outstanding design across a variety of categories, including one of their newest, Packaging User Experience. The Brooklyn Robot Foundry suite of packages were designed to be integrated into the robot building class. With a built-in tablet mount, a glue gun box that becomes a stand, and multi-layered opening experience, the boxes are a major part of the fun.

Zenlock Child-resistant Cannabis Packaging
Zenlock is the first all-paper rigid box solution in child-resistant packaging. As cannabis legalization progressed at the state level, we noticed that a vast majority of child-resistant mechanisms were plastic-based. We spent nearly a year developing Zenlock, a sustainable alternative that’s also designed for custom branding.

Aura Cannabis Packaging
From branding to packaging, Aura stands out in a crowded cannabis market. We created a brand identity to match the San Francisco-based company’s world-class indoor cannabis. The litho-printed packaging family includes glass jars, boxes, cartons, pouches, and a reusable package with individual sleeves to house the pre-rolls.



Brooklyn Robot Foundry Robot Building Kits
The London-based Pentawards has been a leader in championing global packaging design since 2007. Brooklyn Robot Foundry was awarded in two sub-categories in the Home, Leisure & Other Markets category, Zenpack’s highest honors at the Pentawards.


Aura Cannabis Packaging
It was a busy year for Aura and Zenpack, winning their first awards shortly after launching their brand. Aura was shortlisted in two categories at the Clio Cannabis awards, an international awards competition focusing on creativity in the cannabis industry. We then won our first Pentaward, followed by the Community Choice Prize from Core77, the online platform and news outlet for designers across the world.

Award-winning child-resistant cannabis packages by Zenlock

Zenlock Child-resistant Cannabis Packaging
Fresh off its debut in the cannabis space, Zenlock was awarded by three different organizations. In addition to our first Clio Cannabis award, Zenlock took home Third Place in the prestigious Plastic Free category, also our first ever Dieline Award. Each year, the Dieline Awards recognize the best packaging designs with a particular focus on sustainability.


Drinkworks Packaging
Presented by the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA), the International Design Excellence Awards recognizes stellar design in many disciplines, including product design, branding, and packaging. Zenpack designed and produced the packaging for Keurig’s home bar Drinkworks, featuring patented locking mechanisms and sustainable molded pulp.

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