It’s that time of year when the Dieline Awards recognizes the best in packaging design. This year, we’re honored to announce that our packaging for the Opal Tadpole Camera won Third Place in the Electronics, Office, E-Commerce, Entertainment, & Self-Promotion category at the 2024 awards, presented at LUXE PACK New York.

opal webcam inside the box
The Opal Tadpole nestled in Zenpack’s custom-molded paper pulp.

After the Zenlock child-resistant packaging in 2021 and BIGFACE Coffee in 2023, this marks our third time winning a Third Place trophy at the Dieline Awards.

Riding on the success of its first generation webcam C1, Opal Camera enters the space of laptop webcams with Opal Tadpole, an ultra-compact webcam that is super portable and very easy to use. They wanted to continue their signature clean aesthetics with the packaging while keeping everything compact.

Opal webcam package reveal
The ultra-compact webcam is small enough to fit in your pocket.

We opted for an all-paper molded pulp construction to protect the product and create an elegant unboxing moment. One of the first challenges we encountered was how to effectively hide the flexible cable. We came up with an idea of creating a 2-layer structure that forms a cavity to hide the excess cable. 

Due to the limitation of molded pulp, we had to use a special die-cut tool for the narrow channels and thin splits. To ensure a snug fit with the molded pulp casings, we created a simple paper structure that allows the lid to catch onto the bottom tray.

opal camera and its molded pulp paper tray.
The excess cable is neatly tucked away in the lower compartment.

The end result is a visually simple and intuitive unboxing experience. The moment the customer opens the box, they’ll find the camera nestled nicely in the center, with all the cables hidden beneath the packaging. It’s also a breeze for kitting at fulfillment. 

This achievement highlights our capability to create packaging solutions that are both intricate and refined. To learn more about this year’s and previous years’ winners, visit the Dieline Awards.

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