Influencer marketing is a hot new trend where direct-to-customer companies send their products to micro-influencers on social media platforms for them to share, use, and promote. Since these products will be showcased in unboxing videos and photos, the packaging needs to go the extra mile. You want to impress influencers so you can get your product in front of more people. And what better way to do that than with custom influencer packaging?

As a full-service packaging solutions company, we’ve worked with many companies that want to add influencer marketing to their marketing strategy. Our experts have researched this space and know the kinds of packaging designs that work well with influencers.

We’ll take a closer look at the influencer packaging we built to help T3 Micro expand its market share in Europe.

The Goal of Influencer Marketing

T3 Micro does the majority of its business in the U.S., with a small market share in Europe. Knowing that their audience uses social media extensively, they began experimenting with utilizing their European influencers to create influencer marketing campaigns. They realized they would need unique packaging that would grab the attention of Europe’s most connected influencers.

The Process

Since T3 Micro is a long-term partner of Zenpack, they reached out to us for help with this new strategy. Working previously with T3, our team had an understanding of the T3 pacakaging style and look. The Zenpack team used what they already knew and invested more time into learning about T3 Micro’s short- and long-term goals to come up with the appropriate box design and material specifications.

T3’s marketing team offered ideas for what they hoped the packaging could achieve and what it would look like. During the initial design discussion, someone proposed embedding a video screen in the packaging that would share more information about the company and its products. This strategy had been done before and was very successful with influencers and their followers.

We had previously never embedded a video screen, but as always, we were up for the challenge. After the design was finalized, our production team began strategizing how to install the screen so it would be functional and match the styling of the packaging.

The Packaging

We assembled a flawless influencer package that showcased the high-quality T3 product inside. The packaging ended up as a rigid box that opened from the front with a flap, with the video screen at its center. The video automatically plays once the box is opened, giving a brief yet rich informational presentation of T3 Micro products.

Inside the box, you’ll find a brochure and artfully placed box structures that present information on T3 Micro and its California-centered culture, along with a poppy and California state pin as a free gift to the influencer. Underneath is where you’ll find the pièce de résistance—the T3 Micro top selling products: the hair dryer, curling iron, and flat iron.

Final Thoughts

With influencer packaging in hand, T3 Micro’s marketing team can now implement their new European strategy to build an overseas market. The packaging can be sent to a variety of influencers to build brand awareness. And because of our ability to help provide products that lower our clients’ bottom line, they will be able to build many more products for a smaller investment. Our influencer box design process method was created with that in mind.

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