Thermoformed plastic trays are a mainstay of retail packaging. They give the snug fit and beautiful presentation to chocolate samplers, medical devices, cosmetics, and a plethora of other beautifully packed items.

There are many plastic abbreviations thrown around in thermoforming. PS, PET, PVC, and PETG are the most common, and each has their own mechanical and chemical properties. These plastics are all available in an array of colors and finishes. Standard versions of the materials tend to be clear, black, or white, but these plastics can be dyed to match almost any color. Many packaging suppliers only offer these materials in a matte or a glossy finish, but they are capable of so much more.

Communicating our clients’ brands and stories often requires a more nuanced approach than standard materials. We’ve explored a wide range of themorformed items, and there are two finishes, flocked and soft-touch, which elevate unboxing as a tactile experience.

The flocked finish for thermoform creates a velvet bed to nestle the most precious products. With a precise form and a cloth-like feel, flocked trays create a small altar to gently hold products. Soft touch is more appropriate for making products feel clean and precise. It is a cold, hard altar which defies the senses, making the hard plastic trays feel inexplicably soft and nestling products in a precise grip, clean and somehow inviting.

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