Sharing their experiences creating influencer packaging of all shapes and sizes, Zenpack Brand Strategist Nate Jiang sat down with Zenpack Co-founder & Director of Design Leo Chao in our first webinar.

After the video, have a look at our webinar summary for a quick influencer packaging guide.

What Is Influencer Packaging? 

  • Specially curated public relations kits used to drive the promotion of new products or services.  
  • Tailor the experience of a box to your influencers and to their audiences.  

3 Important Factors for Influencer Packaging 

  1. The Goal (What is the experience you’re trying to achieve?) 
  2. Personal Touches 
  3. Safe Shipping (Consider assembly, protection of the product and cost.) 

Development Process 

  1. Define a goal.
    • Decide how to measure success.
  2. Design an interesting, unique experience.
    • The box can be interactive or include a gift for the influencer to create content.
  3. Determine a budget.
    • Decide how many influencers to reach out to and how expensive each box will be.
  4. Find a good packaging partner.
    • Work with someone who can produce solid packaging and branding through graphic design.

Overall Timeline 

  • Clients come into the program with a fully developed idea or start from scratch.  
  • Production of an influencer box takes 4-6 weeks, or up to 8 weeks for something more customized or ambitious.  
    • Concept & assembly: 2-3 weeks  
    • Production: 2-3 weeks  
    • Custom elements, such as aesthetic or functional details or special swag: 2 weeks 


  • Cost varies widely, but initial costs start at $5,000.  
  • Look to spend around $25-50 per box.  

Measuring Success 

  • Success depends on the initial goal.  
    • For example, if your goal was to reach a certain number of people, track the number of followers to gauge the value of your investment.  
  • May include more augmented reality/virtual reality experiences. 


  • Laws for shipping alcohol vary state by state and depending on the courier you use, but it is not impossible.  
  • There is no order minimum.  
    • Some brands choose to only create a handful of boxes that are sent to celebrities with more reach.  
  • Although customers won’t receive the same packaging that influencers are showing them, think of how to translate interesting aspects of your influencer box into the customer product.  
  • The biggest mistakes are not leaving enough time for production and not knowing what goes in the box.  


  • Influencer programs often begin rapidly, but it is essential to determine the goal and the concept or message you are trying to communicate. 

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