Recently, Zenpack and partner agency Haptik Studio have been recognized with three iF Design Awards, two in the Medicine / Pharmaceuticals Packaging category and one in the Packaging UX category.

The suite of packaging won Silver in two sub-categories in the Home, Leisure & Other Founded in 1953 as Die Gute Industrieform e.V., iF Design celebrates outstanding design and promotes social engagement in design across the globe.

The iF Design Award honors design achievements in all disciplines: product design, packaging, communication and service design, architecture and interior architecture, as well as professional concepts, user experience (UX), and user interface (UI).

While both Aura and Zenlock won the award in the Medicine / Pharmaceuticals Packaging categories, we had very different mindsets going into these two projects

With Aura, the focus is to accentuate the properties of different cannabis strains and create a personalized packaging experience. We designed a family of packages consisting of glass jars, boxes, cartons, and pouches, each with distinct yet related color palettes.

We created reusable pre-roll packaging with individual sleeves that carefully house the joint. We chose lithographic printing to keep the surface matte, resulting in a balanced contrast between foil-stamped brand messaging and the vibrant backdrop.

Zenlock, on the other hand, redefines child-resistant being the first all-paper rigid box solution in cannabis. The patented design allows for maximum branding and minimal environmental impact. We strategically placed the mechanism and instructional graphics so that the entire box can be used for branding with high-quality print finishes.

The rigid box provides structure and stability, giving weight to the premium goods inside. And every Zenlock box is constructed using post-consumer recycled paper—the industry’s first sustainable CR rigid box system.

In addition to our award-winning cannabis packaging designs, we’re also thrilled to have won in the Packaging UX category with our Brooklyn Robot Foundry project. This project not only emphasized sustainable packaging but also incorporate package design as an integral part of the user experience.

Each box has exterior and interior stickers with opening instructions and class information. The sticker prompts students to grab a screwdriver to unscrew the top lid. Once the lid is open, students encounter the STOP sticker advising them to wait until class begins to go further.

Under the interior lid, students find an instruction card, tools, a BRF mug, and all the parts they need to build their robots. Once class begins, students can build their own phone or tablet stand using the existing box and a provided shoelace.

This feature gives students an immediate sense of accomplishment, and the adjustable shoelace allows students to tilt the device forward, transforming it into a hands-free overhead camera for teachers to see when they ask, “Show me what you’re working on!”

As we continue to push the boundaries of innovative packaging design, we are honored to be recognized with three iF Design Awards. We would like to thank our partners at Haptik Studio for their collaboration.

We encourage our readers to check out all iF Design Award winners, past and present, at the iF Design Award winners gallery.

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