With 10,800 entries from 72 countries, the iF Awards 2024 continues to be a global design competition recognizing and celebrating design excellence. Amongst the fierce competition, Zenpack’s projects won the coveted Gold Award, as well as three iF Award honors.

Zenpack received four iF Award wins, including their first ever Gold Award.

iF Design Gold Award 2024 – BIGFACE Coffee

Zenpack received iF Design Gold Award for BIGFACE Coffee
BIGFACE Coffee was founded by NBA All-Star Jimmy Butler.

BIGFACE, our joint project with design studio Brandmonger, continues winning awards for its otherworldly packaging design. This time, we are celebrating an iF Design Gold Award in the Beverages Packaging category.

Zenpack is one of only 75 Gold Award winners around the world. We’re extremely proud of this achievement. It’s a testament to our commitment in overcoming technical challenges and manufacturing with precision.

From embossed logos to the creative use of materials and coatings, each packaging element reflects our attention to detail. As a result, this provides a premium appearance and experience that sets BIGFACE Coffee apart.

iF Design Award 2024 – Cambio Coffee, Jinx Drinx, and True Marker

Zenpack’s other projects, Cambio Coffee and Jinx Drinx, also received honors in the Beverages Packaging category. 

Zenpack received iF Design Award for Cambio Coffee
The Cambio paper pulp container makes recycling pods easy, and doubles as a mini compost container.

Crafted from molded pulp, Cambio Coffee’s sustainable containers allow for easy recycling and composting. Once opened, the containers transform into countertop recycling bins. These multi-purpose containers can also be used as home composting bins.

Jinx Drinx comes in four flavors with plans for new flavors in 2024.

Jinx Drinx captured the jury’s attention with its innovative soft drink pouch featuring an tamper-resistant embedded straw for easy consumption. 

Finally, in the Medicine/Pharma Packaging category, True Marker’s home testing device received acclaim for its comprehensive and dynamic packaging system. This innovative packaging allows for ease of scaling and effectively overcomes logistical constraints.

True Marker offers a variety of at-home medical tests that users can quickly perform on their own.

Zenpack continues to push the boundaries of packaging design. Our wins at the iF Design Awards are a testament to our ability to deliver solutions that combine creativity, functionality, and sustainability for clients worldwide.

From left to right: iF Design CEO Uwe Cremering, Zenpack Creative Strategist Paul Des Marais, Zenpack Creative Director Leo Chao, and Zenpack Managing Partner Robin Tan at the iF Design Awards 2024 in Berlin, Germany. Photo courtesy of iF Design.

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