The one-for-all and all-in-one system package design
NVIDIA designed a new tablet that presents their premium GPU to the world. Zenpack helped them create a universal package that allows for multi-language labels and plugs to be swapped out within one-piece construction.
The Problem
NVIDIA is the world leader in visual computing technologies and the inventor of the GPU used in workstations, personal computers, game consoles, and mobile devices. They came out with a new tablet and needed a universal package design for worldwide consumers. And while there were product variations within the line, NVIDIA wanted one package design that could be used for the line. For this project, Zenpack designed a series of packages for the SHIELD tablet product line.
The Outcome
When it was time to find a printing solution, Zenpack decided on using double black printing to enhance the quality of product image details and text on the box. Color correction helped present NVIDIA’s trademark green accurately. They then set up the NVIDIA-specific production line and equipment to ensure quality production and perfect execution of the “Sharp Edge” setup at scale.
NIVIDIA needed one premium package design to be sold in different countries with multi-language labels on the same package and also a singular compact tray to hold all the adapters for varies regions worldwide. The design team at Zenpack needed to figure out how to design one tray that could fit all of the components while still looking neat and organized. Included were four adapter heads, one universal adapter base, a USB cable in the bottom, and the tablet itself, displayed on the top of the tray.

The protection of the tablet was also crucial. Zenpack needed to find a way to protect the screen from getting scratched, without detracting from an amazing opening experience for the customer. And they wanted the product displayed in style – having sharp 90 degree angles was important for preserving the premium brand look and feel.
Based on the client requests, the Zenpack team started by creating several solutions to lay out all the adapters in a more compact way that made it easy for customer to take them out. The team then invested time creating 3D models to find the best way to fit all the components in a single tray and ensure they wouldn’t move during shipping. An important part of the process was testing which materials would suit this project best. Zenpack came out with a thermoformed plastic tray that worked perfectly. They also designed the tablet cover and stylus pen package separately, with the same design style of the tablet package with folding cartons, thus creating a unified style for the complete package.

When it was time for production, Zenpack set up the specific production equipment for the rigid box, which could make the perfect “sharp edge” style automatic and speed up the production process, not only to reach the quality requirement, but also to save time and money for the client.
The final “Sharp Edge” box truly matches the quality of the product, and it comes with multi-language and universal design for a singular setup box that can sold in worldwide, which helped the client save substantially by reducing the production scope required for assorted packaging to different regions.