Build trust with packaging for telemedicine
When online pharmacy Roman Health needed packaging to preserve customer privacy, they came to Zenpack for guidance on structure, materials, and logistics.
The Problem
Roman came to Zenpack with a specific packaging need: Sleek packaging that would securely and safely transport medications, while preserving the recipient’s privacy.
The Outcome
The new packaging is efficient and cost effective. As Roman experienced rapid growth, their new packaging pipeline has kept up with manufacturing demand.
Roman offers virtual doctor visits and mail-order Rx deliveries so consumers can get men’s health prescriptions. The Zenpack team had to solve for a number of challenges with this project. First, Roman was bringing a completely new brand to market, and a big part of their brand is building trust by preserving their customers’ privacy. The packaging structure and materials had to support their look. And as with any medical mail delivery service, there was a high priority on privacy. Zenpack’s packaging had to balance a bold brand against minimal, subtle markings that wouldn’t draw attention or announce the contents.

As with many projects, the initial packaging plan ended up having costs that were too high to scale. Zenpack had to find a way to create high quality packaging at a lower cost. A unique challenge with Roman was their lean team. As a startup, they didn’t have experience with the complicated logistics of inventory and tracking. Like many new ventures, there was uncertainty about volume. Zenpack had to create a plan for providing the right number of packages… without a clear sales forecast.

Pharmaceuticals require packaging that provides privacy and safety, not just style.
Fitting packaging into the complex logistics of manufacturing and fulfillment is a challenge for most startups.
Zenpack created a strong, sleek box with full-color wrap based on the artistic vison of a partner design agency. It fit perfectly with Roman’s up-to-date aesthetic. Then the designers took it a step further and created a PET internal cover on the packaging. It helps keep the product in place, and adds to the unboxing experience, while also allowing for another opportunity to add a logo and brand copy. It took experimentation and a few rounds of testing to create the perfect version – Zenpack’s team had to find the perfect adhesive viscosity to make it a fully effective panel.

Roman opted to bring in Zenpack’s operations experts to help provide guidance on both the design side, and the logistics side. Their combined decades of work in high end packaging design means they have experience to draw on, and expertise to share with clients. Because of the uncertain order forecast, Zenpack worked closely with Roman’s fulfillment team and offered various shipping options to make sure their factory got the right number of boxes, at the right time. The result: fewer backorders, less lag time, and happier customers.
This internal PET panel is style and substance – it protects the customer’s privacy by concealing what’s inside, but display’s Roman’s logo for a more all-encompassing brand experience.
The box opens with a magnetic flap. This provides a high-end unboxing experience, and keeps the box in good shape throughout use – whereas other styles get quickly damaged.
Zenpack’s clients expect extreme attention to detail. Zenpack designers ran tests to figure out which glue would be strong enough to keep the PET panel in place, without creating excess residue that would detract from the clean lines and finished look of the box.
Adhesive tapes were also tested to find the one that keeps everything in place during shipping, but is easy to open upon arrival.
After first launching in November 2017, Roman experienced fast growth, with revenue multiplying by 720 times in the first three quarters of 2018. It’s making a real impact on men’s lives with over a million telemedicine interactions in the same time period.
Now Roman customers experience a unified brand experience from the first click, to opening each package. Having strong branding in every aspect of customer experience has helped propel Roman’s rapid growth. After getting the branded packaging system designed and produced in a timely manner, Roman Health achieved their growth goals, and secured Angel investor funding.
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