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Package Design Mockup Solutions

The Importance of Product Packaging Design Mockups

An essential step in the design process, package design mockups help bring ideas to life. By visualizing the design, you can test ideas, catch possible errors, and easily make modifications before committing to physical prototypes and production.

Building a dynamic packaging strategy takes a lot of work and planning. Materials, branding, protection, sales channels—a whirlwind of moving parts coming together for a successful product launch. Digital box mockups take the guesswork out of the design process and create a dialogue between designers and the rest of the team. It’s the most efficient medium for improving designs and ultimately, helping the team make critical decisions.

The Purpose of Packaging Mockups

Every design project utilizes mockups for a first look at concepts. Custom box mockups provide direction to your team, your clients, and their stakeholders. Good packaging seamlessly combines products with the materials that keep them protected—it’s part of the product. Once the packaging is combined with the product, a packaging design mockup is the first representation of a fully realized design. It’s your proof of concept, a necessary stepping-stone in a competitive marketplace. And as a sustainable packaging design agency, our packaging mockups allow us to optimize the design for maximum sustainability.

Packaging mockups are relatively simple to modify. Our packaging engineers and graphic designers can quickly adjust dielines, colors, branding, copy, and backgrounds based on client feedback. We can even place mockups in realistic retail or lifestyle settings. Once everyone involved in the project agrees on the digital mockup, your team can proceed to the first rapid prototype package.

Zenpack’s Process

Our product mockup service functions just like every other project. We meet you where you are. Whether you’ve got fully designed dielines or just an inkling of an idea, we can create a 3D mockup according to your needs.

It starts with a discovery meeting where we learn about the project and collaborate to further develop the idea. Next, we create mood boards and sketches depicting different options and concepts. Our structural engineers, creative strategists, and graphic designers all contribute. Once you decide on a direction, we transform these preliminary illustrations into 3D mockups.

We can provide all types of angles and views of the packaging, product with the packaging, and packaging in a retail setting. You’ll have time to review the product packaging mockups and offer feedback. After a quick round of revisions and your final approval, we’ll prepare the dielines for rapid prototyping.

Industries We Specialize In

Since every industry needs packaging, we’ve diversified our operations to accommodate all types of products. From cannabis to consumer electronics, we produce box packaging mockups to help get products to market faster. Browse our favorite case studies and learn more about our full packaging design process from design and manufacturing to logistics.


Zenpack has been at the forefront of cannabis packaging since California recreational legalization in 2016. We patented our own child-resistant packaging mechanism and helped cannabis companies launch award-winning brands. Standing out in a saturated market is key, and we’ve learned how to create the most compelling packaging mockups. In our product packaging mockups, we combine your brand with the latest sustainable materials and cannabis packaging regulations, ensuring that concepts are as close to reality as possible.

Vitamins & Supplements

Taking the time to design an eye-catching product packaging mockup goes a long way when customers are trying to choose in a crowded market. The vitamins & supplements industry has grown exponentially in the past two decades, both retail and e-commerce. Digital mockups provide space for trying new containers, materials, and branding. A unique package with good branding can make all the difference.


From retail pharmacies and hospitals to telemedicine and wellness, the pharmaceutical industry has a multitude of requirements. Like any product though, good packaging design instills trust in the customer. In matters of health, trust is paramount. We work closely with medical companies to understand and incorporate design regulations into every detail of the product packaging mockup.

Beauty & Cosmetics

We design beauty and cosmetics packaging to complement the beauty of the products they’re housing. Customers intend to purchase elegant, thoughtfully designed packaging that hints at the quality of the product inside. Our product packaging box mockups can simulate custom finishes like spot UV, debossing, and embossing, as well as approximate Pantone colors according to strict style guides.

Consumer Electronics

We specialize in engineering clever, cost-efficient, and sustainable electronics packaging designed to capture customer attention. This starts at the box packaging mockup where we control every part of the design. Our structural engineers have years of experience designing innovative dielines that protect electronics of all sizes while providing an amazing unboxing experience. We can produce mockups at any stage of the packaging experience, including packaging on shelves, so your team can adjust before going to print.

Home Appliances

Due to the size and weight, most home appliances require strong interior support to ensure safe shipping. We’re experts in designing innovative packaging solutions that avoid styrofoam and packing peanuts. Our product mockup service maps out every detail of the product and packaging interior to determine the best sustainable option for your project.

Turning a Mockup Into a Prototype

Once your product packaging mockup is finalized, the next step is producing the rapid prototype. As the name suggests, rapid prototyping is a quick process thanks to our packaging engineers and the Kongsberg X22 cutting table. In as little as 24 hours, the team transforms your branded package mockup into a white box prototype. You and our team evaluate this unbranded sample for size, shape, and closing mechanisms.

After you approve the rapid prototype, we send the dielines and graphic design files to our team in Southeast Asia. They produce the golden sample, a single run of fully branded packages. This process takes a little longer, but the golden samples are the last approval step before the project goes to mass production.

The Best Packaging Mockup Company

Zenpack is well-versed in both packaging mockups and product mockups. Our international team of structural engineers has extensive experience designing innovative products across many different industries. We combine this experience to present products and packaging in their best light according to the project requirements.

Each of our projects starts with a packaging mockup design. We value this step in the process because it allows our team to experiment and ideate. It also gives our clients the visuals to share with their teams and keep the project moving. As evidenced by our case studies, we look forward to design challenges that push us to create something sustainable, innovative, and satisfying for the customer.

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