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Cannabis Packaging Design

Cannabis Package Design Your Customers Will Love

different custom cannabis packages produced by Zenpack for Aura
different custom cannabis packages produced by Zenpack for Aura

Custom Cannabis Packaging Representative of Your Brand

child-resistant cannabis packaging design which works by clicking on a button

Our custom cannabis packaging not only highlights your brand, but also reflects your company’s identity. We focus on creating cannabis package designs that represent your company’s values and vision so that they stand out on dispensary shelves. Whether you produce the finest strains of organic cannabis or create a line of flavorful edibles, our cannabis design agency can engineer and design the right structure, graphics, and messaging for the product. Our team works closely with each client to develop a solution for custom weed packaging that’s unique to their brand.

child-resistant cannabis packaging design which works by clicking on a button

The medical and recreational cannabis industries have exploded in recent years. New cannabis products are hitting shelves at an impressive rate, and it can be difficult to create one-of-a-kind packaging. We believe that packaging is part of the product, especially for custom printed cannabis packaging. It’s an opportunity to educate consumers about possibly unfamiliar products and ingredients, as well as elevate your brand identity. Ultimately, your package is a vibrant vessel for your unique cannabis creations. Let’s design a custom dispensary packaging strategy worthy of your premium products.

In 2021, two of our custom cannabis packaging designs were recognized by three international design organizations. We’re proud of these achievements, a culmination of many years of development, design, and testing. In this time, we’ve learned so much about state and national regulations, child-resistant packaging, and what it takes to create the best cannabis packaging.

We’re proud to work with cannabis brands on the cutting-edge of this exciting and constantly evolving industry. Whether you’re looking to launch a new product or redesign your entire cannabis packaging strategy, we can help you develop the right approach for your customers.

Awards and Recognition for Our Custom Cannabis Packaging

Designs That Will Protect Your Merchandise

Our packaging designs protect your products and comply with state and national laws. Zenpack structural engineers specialize in securing the most delicate goods using innovative and ergonomic techniques, with the goal of using eco-friendly materials when possible. We design for every part of the journey, from a cannabis fulfillment center to the dispensary, then to your customer’s home. We’ve created custom cannabis packages for glass bottles, vaporizers, edibles, flower, and a multitude of other products, keeping them secure along the way. Most importantly, we make sure your products are retail-approved according to the most current child resistant regulations.

In 2019, the California Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC) announced that all cannabis products would be required to be enclosed in child-resistant packaging. As a California pot packaging company with many friends in the cannabis industry, along with our own experience with medical marijuana packaging, we immersed ourselves in the new legislature. We talked to our clients, analyzed samples and familiarized ourselves with testing procedures. The results were clear: too much plastic and too many overly complicated CR mechanisms. We were determined to create cannabis package designs using only recyclable materials, we wanted an elevated product presentation, and we needed to build a flexible CR system to accommodate diverse and specific needs for cannabis products.

After multiple prototypes with simple 2-part opening sequences, we created Zenlock, a system that balances graphics and mechanics to be intuitive for adults yet impenetrable to young hands. The system is designed for key categories in the cannabis industry and easily expands to new product needs. We strategically placed the mechanism and instructional graphics so that the entire box can be used for branding with high-quality print finishes. The rigid box of our cannabis package design also provides structure and stability, giving weight to the premium goods inside. And every Zenlock box is constructed using post-consumer recycled paper—the industry’s first sustainable CR rigid box system. Opting for sustainable packaging solutions is an essential part of our company’s mission. We’re currently rolling out Zenlock—the 2021 Dieline Award winner—in collaboration with leading cannabis brands. And we have access to a variety of other CR mechanisms to meet your brand’s needs.

We Do More Than Just Custom Cannabis Packaging Design


In addition to structural design, we help cannabis companies develop their brand strategy beyond dispensary packaging. From market research and logo design to website building and copywriting, our Design Team crafts cannabis brands from the ground up. We’re adapting our years of diverse design experience in various industries for this new era of cannabis and CBD products. Learn more about our process and capabilities on our Design page.


When companies approach us looking for custom printed cannabis packaging, we discuss what else they might need to get their products on the shelves. While Zenpack specializes in custom box manufacturing, we also produce and source all kinds of packaging components and containers, including glass dropper bottles and jars, printed labels, plastic tubes, and branded collateral. If we can’t make it, we’ll source it for your streamlined operations. Our vast supply chain spans time zones and borders, ensuring the highest quality cannabis packaging. 


Operating in a heavily regulated industry, cannabis companies need to be aware of their state’s distribution laws. We can assist at any moment in the distribution and fulfillment process thanks to our relationships with California farms, suppliers, and cannabis fulfillment centers. We also pay special attention to child-resistant mechanisms so that delivery to dispensaries and now cannabis delivery services is never compromised.
Check out our Logistics page to learn more about our services like packaging fulfillment and channel compliance.

Our Cannabis Package Design Progress

In a Crowded Market, Collaboration Is Key

etain cannabis package being put together

Due to recent and rapid legalization throughout the country, companies are rushing to push their products to market. The cannabis landscape is crowded, and as a result, dispensaries are stocked with packaging full of marijuana stereotypes, harsh colors, and confusing dosage information. It can be downright intimidating for seasoned and inexperienced consumers alike. That’s why we take the time to sit down with your company to better understand your goals. What makes your brand stand out? How can we leverage your product’s best qualities through structure, graphics, and messaging? And how can your packages for weed become something more than a box?

etain cannabis package being put together
multicolored inside part of Zenpack's cannabis package

Cannabis Packaging Tailored to Your Customers

Once we know your brand, the structural engineering team designs and prototypes while the branding team works on graphics and messaging. These teams stay in close collaboration, always focused on the audience’s unboxing experience. It’s important to decide on a child resistant mechanism, as this choice will determine the overall structural design. Next we explore material options for a substrate that will serve as a backdrop for your logo and graphics. Every detail is carefully considered; when it comes to purchasing cannabis, labels and packaging are just as important as the products. Besides this, Zenpack can also create unique influencer box designs to increase your brand visibility.

Full-Service Cannabis Design Agency

cannabis packaging design made for the female-owned medical cannabis company Etain

As the Design Team prepares your custom marijuana packaging for production, our project managers handle fulfillment, shipping, and any other intricacies associated with the cannabis supply chain. Are you trying to source specific packaging components? Does your product need branded accessories such as dispensary exit bags? How can we help with cannabis fulfillment? What’s your brand’s footprint at the dispensary, on social media, and on the web? We’re here to help you build an exceptional cannabis brand.

cannabis packaging design made for the female-owned medical cannabis company Etain

The Power of Good Marijuana Branding

In the competitive cannabis market, effective branding should be your top priority. Good branding sets you on a path of distinction, establishing a lasting and impactful presence among cannabis packaging companies.

Throughout the cannabis brand design process, we prioritize your brand identity, the safety of your weed packaging, and overall marketability.

Make it Stand Out

With expertise in custom weed packaging, we can create unique and attractive cannabis packages that exude your brand identity. Have a particular finish or print you’d like to achieve? A specific texture or shape in mind? Our talented team of packaging experts is here to ensure your packaging faithfully reflects your distinctive identity, allowing you to stand out from the competition.

Make it Safe

As the creators of Zenlock, we have a clear grasp of the regulations surrounding cannabis packaging and what it takes to design child-resistant packaging. When you choose to work with us, you can be confident that your cannabis packaging design will always align with regulations, preventing children from accessing the product while ensuring a seamless user experience for adults.

Make it Sell

Having attractive weed packaging is only running half the race. The ability to allocate supply and distribute products is equally important. You want your products to be able to hit the shelves where and when you need them.

With our global distribution partners and warehouses in key transportation hubs around the world, we can ensure your products reach your customers’ hands quickly and efficiently.

Custom Dispensary Packaging Case Studies

dark green custom hemp packages for Aura

Aura grows meticulously crafted, world-class cannabis designed for users to enhance their day-to-day experiences. Zenpack and Haptik Studio developed an atypical brand identity, packaging, photography, and a website that offers a modern alternative in a crowded market. Aura offers a fresh approach to cannabis by describing the strains as profiles—Blaze, Roar, Cosmic and Flare—designed for customers to learn more about the effects so they can personalize their experience based on individual goals. Each profile comes to life through vibrant colors, specialized printing, and premium materials, inviting the customer to make a deeper connection with the products inside.

dark green custom hemp packages for Aura

The brand needed to reach a new audience while honoring their cannabis expertise. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Aura has over 75 years of combined cultivation experience. They knew the rejuvenating power of their plants, but they needed their customers to understand as well. Aura was on a mission to present the finest cannabis in the world as more than just something to consume, but a restorative tool. This unconventional approach would require a comprehensive branding study and industry research.

Aura wanted an elegant, sophisticated, and powerful brand identity. From a graphic design standpoint, the main challenge was depicting the “aura cloud” and the four effects, abstract concepts more suitable for words. Aura imagined their brand to be more like a winery with distinct varieties intended for steady enjoyment, one sip at a time.

The resulting graphic treatment, cohesive color palette, and packaging system convey a personal, almost magical experience that makes the brand instantly memorable, leaving the customer with a pleasant after-taste. Launched in 2020, Aura is now available in select dispensaries across California. The brand is rapidly expanding throughout the state, and has become a popular option for customers using local delivery services in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

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several medical cannabis packages designed for Etain


Painless packaging for a female-owned cannabis company.

different custom cannabis packages produced by Zenpack for Aura


Premium packaging for an elevated experience.

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