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Consumer Electronics Packaging Design

NVidia consumer electronics packaging design

Electronic Packaging Solutions That Will Protect Your Products

consumer electronics packaging design created by Zenpack for NVIDIA

The surge of personal electronics over the past two decades has produced some of the most innovative box designs in packaging. While e-commerce sales continue to increase, many electronics are purchased via retail shelves. That’s why, when it comes to this industry, choosing the right e-commerce packaging solutions can really make a difference. Electronics manufacturers need sturdy packaging to protect fragile products full of multiple components and accessories, and customers need to see attractive packaging to know they’re purchasing a high-quality product.

consumer electronics packaging design created by Zenpack for NVIDIA

We specialize in packaging engineering services, focusing on clever, cost-efficient, and sustainable electronics packaging designed to capture customer attention. We utilize the latest in printing and thermoform technology to produce packaging for multiple SKUs across domestic and international product lines. From emerging brands to leading electronics companies, we design and produce the best electronics packaging for your products.

When protecting electronics, there’s no need to limit yourself to styrofoam and bubble wrap. Some of the strongest electronic packaging boxes come in paper-based protection. This is the result of intelligent structural engineering, packaging verification and quality materials.

Our structural engineers have years of experience designing innovative dielines that protect electronics while providing an amazing unboxing experience. In addition to our rigorous quality control standards, we offer ISTA verification, and we can design according to any other testing you may require.

In the end, we focus on balancing protection, presentation, and the customer experience. Our teams collaborate constantly to ensure your brand values are reflected in every part of your custom electronic packaging.

Packaging for All Types of Electronic Devices

The electronics industry is vast and diverse, and it continues to grow as brands release new products for very specific functionalities. As a result, the market is quite competitive. Innovative branding and packaging can be the difference between sustained success and premature failure. We work with you to ensure that your packaging elevates your product above the competition.

electronic packaging solution designed for T3
electronic product package solution designed by Zenpack for Scimitar
Electronic product packaging design designed by Zenpack for Lora di Carlo

Your packaging communicates the quality of the product inside. Especially in a retail setting, the look and feel have the power to capture customer attention. But direct-to-consumer electronics are growing in popularity as well, and the unboxing experience shouldn’t be ignored. It’s another opportunity to make a lasting impression on customers. We’ve designed packaging for every type of consumer electronics company, from major brands selling in large retailers to startups releasing a groundbreaking product to the market.

Our unique experience designing, manufacturing, and delivering a variety of consumer electronics allows us to provide unmatched expertise to the product launch process. Packaging is often glossed over, but we’ve come to understand that it’s one of the most important steps in reaching new customers.

We design and produce electronics packaging for products of any size, including:

  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • Headphones
  • Smartwatches
  • Computer hardware
  • Smart home devices
  • Personal care electronics
  • Home and beauty appliances
  • Large electronics

Start-to-finish Electronic Packaging Services

Designer scrutinizing package design blueprints on a computer screen

Our electronics packaging designs deliver maximum protection and brand awareness using minimal materials. We’ve gathered brand strategists, graphic designers, and structural engineers from diverse industries and backgrounds. Their deep experience and distinct viewpoints lead the design process. Our design team can meet you wherever you are in the branding process, whether you’re an established brand or just getting started. Head over to our Design page to learn more about our premium packaging design services.

Workers operating large blue printing machinery for package manufacturing in an industrial facility.

As a global packaging manufacturer, we can meet the demands of the consumer electronics industry. The workflow never stops—our international network of factories and offices keeps projects moving 24 hours a day. We utilize the latest in printing and manufacturing technology to produce strong, sustainable, and eye-catching electronics packaging. Above all, we produce packaging that represents your brand. Visit our Manufacturing page to see our capabilities in action.

Conveyor system moving boxes within a packaging logistics warehouse with storage racks in the background.

Zenpack leverages our global network for efficient and streamlined electronics fulfillment and delivery. Located in the heart of one of the world’s electronics manufacturing hubs, our production facilities work with yours to save time and money. We’ll make sure to build a logistics plan that gets your products where they need to go, at every stage of the process. We can also navigate channel compliance for retail, Amazon, and e-commerce. Check out our packaging logistics solutions to discover how Zenpack can cut costs with intelligent electronics packaging delivery.

We’ll Deliver an Unforgettable Unboxing Experience

It is becoming increasingly common for customers to hold onto their electronics packaging rather than throwing the boxes away. Not many industries can claim this surprising trend. Designing and producing a durable, premium electronic device requires a wealth of time and resources. It’s only fitting that these brands pay more attention to their packaging. Now more than ever, the unboxing experience is a crucial step in the overall product experience.

At Zenpack, we believe that packaging is part of the product. From the start of the design process to the customer deciding to repurpose their gadget packaging after opening it up, we are driven by the unboxing experience. Our design team works closely with our materials experts to determine the best structure, substrates, and printing methods for the electronic product. We also work with you to understand what your customers value in an unboxing experience. For example, how is the product presented upon opening? Will your customers appreciate sustainable materials and simple recycling? These are just a few of the many questions we ask during the process.

Once the structure is solidified, we apply your brand aesthetic through specialized printing and unique materials to deliver a truly tactile experience. We are both G7 Certified for color consistency and GMI Certified for industry performance, so your electronics packaging will conform to the highest standards, ensuring every customer gets the same amazing unboxing experience.

Custom Packaging for Electronics Based on Your Brand

Every electronics packaging project begins with your customers and your brand. How can we tell an exciting product story using packaging as a canvas? We relish the chance to build upon your product, utilizing your style guide to create something true to your brand values. We start by understanding your customers, learning more about what they value in the unboxing experience. We analyze your previous packaging to see where we can improve the structure. Simultaneously, our graphic designers and creative strategists dive into your logos, colors, fonts, and messaging.

While the design team works their magic, our production team sources the highest quality materials specifically chosen for your custom electronic packaging design. They also work with our logistics team to find the most efficient shipping options. During the rapid packaging prototyping process, we collaborate with your team to adjust the design based on shipping costs, sustainability goals, and branding.

We’ll produce as many prototypes as necessary for the perfect electronic packaging box. Once the design is finalized, we make the golden sample—a fully printed prototype—and then finalize the production timeline.

In addition to primary and secondary electronics packaging, we specialize in writing, designing, and printing manuals, quick start guides, and accessories. This includes custom illustrations for electronics instructional manuals and concise copy in line with your brand voice.

For accessories, we produce printed bags and carrying pouches using eco-friendly materials such as fabric made from recycled ocean plastic. This is just one of many sustainable packaging solutions we can provide for your brand. If you have a material in mind, we can find it in our expansive material library, or source it from a trusted partner.

Lora di Carlo yellow box for USB charger

Electronic Product Packaging Design Case Study


When NVIDIA designed a new tablet to introduce their premium GPU to the world, they turned to Zenpack to create universal electronics packaging that allows for multi-language labels and plugs to be swapped out within a one-piece construction.

NVIDIA is the world leader in visual computing technologies and the inventor of the GPU used in workstations, personal computers, game consoles, and mobile devices. Before they could release their new tablet, they needed a modular package design for worldwide consumers. Even though the SHIELD tablet line had slight product variations, NVIDIA wanted one package design that could be used throughout the line.

When it was time to find a printing solution, Zenpack decided on double black printing on the box to enhance the quality of product image details and text. Color correction helped to accurately present NVIDIA’s trademark green. The production team then set up the NVIDIA-specific production line and equipment to ensure perfect execution of the “Sharp Edge” setup at scale.

The final “Sharp Edge” box truly matches the quality of the product, and it comes with multi-language and universal design for a singular package destined for international markets. In reducing the production scope and consolidating the design, NVIDIA saved substantially while uniting their SHIELD product line.

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