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Cosmetic Packaging Design

Luxury Cosmetic Packaging Design That Reflects Beauty

When it comes to luxury cosmetic packaging design, the beauty is in the details. More than any other industry, makeup packaging design utilizes minimalist design and graphics, premium materials, and specialized finishes. Each material layer and texture contribute to the experience, revealing a product designed to help customers care for themselves. Beauty packaging, in particular, should reflect the beauty of the products they’re housing. This is especially true for the customer, who intends to purchase beautiful, thoughtfully designed packaging that hints at the quality of the product inside.

At Zenpack, we design cosmetic packaging to elevate your beauty product. We tap into our vast materials library and advanced printing technology to source unique papers, substrates, and printing methods. We have experience creating premium packaging solutions for store shelves and direct to consumer e-commerce. In every business model, our goal is engineering packaging that elevates the product, creating a lasting connection with consumers.

The cosmetic industry is wide-reaching and competitive. Brands are born seemingly daily, and beauty products are available everywhere. That’s why the right packaging can make all the difference. Whether you are launching a new cosmetic line or rebranding an existing product, we can help you develop creative solutions to transform the buying experience.

Outside-the-box Makeup and Beauty Product Packaging

The beauty industry requires diverse products for a wide range of customers. From glass bottles and paper boxes to plastic tubes and limited-edition gift sets, we can design, produce, and deliver luxury cosmetic packaging at scale. There’s a multitude of products for every part of the body, each requiring one-of-a-kind packaging for immediate impact on customers. From Zenpack’s inception as a premium packaging company, we’ve been creating custom cosmetic packaging for established brands as well as recent beauty trailblazers.

Working closely with your brand, we analyze your target market to determine the best perfect printing methods, graphics, structures to capture their attention. We also factor in sustainability initiatives and your bottom line, being sure to design custom beauty product packaging that meets your goals. In the end, the unboxing experience lights the way, from the shipper messaging all the way to the squeeze of a bottle dropper.

When haircare brand Crown Affair approached us in 2019, they had a distinct vision for their new line of products. They were curious about specialized printing and textured papers but weren’t totally sure how to achieve the specific look they had in mind. They also had a variety of products, sometimes bought individually and other times together as a set. We worked together to engineer versatile packaging, supply luxurious materials, and perfect the printing process for brand continuity and a special unboxing experience.

Our Cosmetic Product Packaging Design Process

One Size Does Not Fit All

In a hyper-competitive cosmetics industry, a good product deserves a personalized approach through specialized packaging engineering services. Long before design begins, we take a close look at your competitors as well as how you’d like to stand out in the market. That may require extensive market research, or minor tweaks to an existing plan. Too many makeup brands rush their products to store shelves before fully understanding their own goals. We sit down with your company to find out how we can engineer cosmetic product packaging that elevates your product’s best qualities.

Cosmetic Packaging Brand Design

At our core, Zenpack is a branding studio. We believe that to create award-winning packaging, we need to have a deep understanding of what it takes to develop a brand and product from scratch. We’ve done it before, and we love helping others bring their ideas to the world. Wherever you are in the branding process, our design team collaborates with you on graphics and messaging. With our packaging engineering services at the forefront, our structural engineering team concurrently designs custom makeup packaging for your products. Together with our material sourcing team and project managers, we craft a cosmetic product packaging strategy tailored to your brand.

A Comprehensive Cosmetics Strategy

We help your team fill-in the gaps, whether that’s retail channel compliance, supply chain logistics, or e-commerce website design. This means that, for example, when we at Zenpack conceptualize our e-commerce packaging solutions, we focus on creating great packaging and making every step of the journey easier for you. At the end of the day, we want you to focus on what really matters: delivering a great product that everyone will love.

From Design to Distribution

Designer scrutinizing package design blueprints on a computer screen

Our Design Team harnesses a diverse range of expertise, including creative strategy, structural engineering, graphic design, and copywriting. We have as much experience launching new cosmetics brands as we do designing packaging for long-established industry leaders. Custom beauty product packaging that turns heads at Sephora requires a team of experienced designers. Learn more about our capabilities on our Design page.

Workers operating large blue printing machinery for package manufacturing in an industrial facility.

With offices in the US, Taiwan, and China, our global network never sleeps. We strive to save time and money while producing practical and elegant cosmetics packaging. Our ISO-certified manufacturing facilities follow intense quality control standards, resulting in beautiful cosmetic box packaging. Take a closer look at our Manufacturing page where you’ll find information about our printing processes and sustainable material library.

Conveyor system moving boxes within a packaging logistics warehouse with storage racks in the background.

No cosmetics packaging strategy is complete without an efficient logistics plan. The design process doesn’t begin until we discuss fulfillment and logistics with your team. How far will your products travel? Does your retail partner have strict channel compliance standards? Will inclement weather be a major factor? How do these considerations affect branding? Everything is connected in the global supply chain; that’s why we design with the best packaging logistics solutions in mind.

We’ll Make Sure Your Brand Stands Out

Zenpack’s primary cosmetic packaging design inspiration: The unboxing experience. Even something that seems insignificant—body wash shipping box, lip balm tube, face cream package—can evoke a feeling of luxury in your customer. Since beauty is interpreted using all five senses, we design packaging to create a multi-sensory experience. There are many ways to achieve this, including textured paper and specialized printing.

Our innovative packaging design makes the unboxing experience unforgettable. This creates a connection with your customer and communicates your brand’s quality. Consumers have millions of choices in the beauty industry; every detail we design in your packaging helps make that decision easier. In addition to the standard beauty packaging containers, we specialize in sourcing unique papers and hard-to-find materials.

It’s important to communicate a clear narrative from start to finish. When your brand tells a story through cosmetic packaging design, you have the power to capture customers with a memorable experience. The story doesn’t end with the outward facing part of the package; it continues with every layer, unfolding to reveal colors, messaging, or additional accessories. Your product is the main character, the hero who shines bright amidst a meticulously crafted packaging world.

Makeup Packaging Design Case Study


MakeupDrop created an innovative product to help consumers apply makeup with less waste than traditional brushes and sponges. While most cosmetic brands use folding cartons with fancy printing, foils, or high-end papers, MakeupDrop needed a material that would give the consumer a clear look at the product before making a decision.

The cosmetic packaging design needed to meet the industry packaging standards for it to comply with retail and shelf displays. Zenpack believed it was important to create an appealing visual effect on the packaging to instantly attract the customer’s attention in stores. PET was the solution, but the MakeupDrop applicator is made using medical grade silicone, which tends to absorb odors. To prevent this, Zenpack came up with a solution for sourcing low-odor PET just for this project.

The final low-odor PET box showcases the product clearly, and a high-quality UV print on the outer box hints at the luxury cosmetic product inside. Strong, simple, and clear, the PET box is also recyclable. This cosmetic packaging design presents the buyer with an unobstructed view of the MakeupDrop, giving them a window into a curious new product.

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