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Home Appliances Packaging Design

appliance packaging designed for Drinkworks

Kitchenware Packaging Design Made for Unboxing

From innovative startups to long-established brands, home appliance companies are turning to e-commerce to reach customers across the globe. This growing sector requires home appliance packages that balance durability, sustainability, and brand identity. Most importantly, we create an unboxing experience with home goods decorative boxes that cause customers to enjoy the product even more. This is why choosing reliable e-commerce packaging solutions can make all the difference.

Many home goods products are heavy yet fragile, leading to potentially high shipping costs and product damage. At Zenpack, we believe the yin and yang of packaging is durability and the unboxing experience. Rather than contrary forces, these two features guide the ideation process, beginning with structural engineering and package branding and continuing with fulfillment and logistics. Through our packaging engineering services, we use sustainable materials, engineer intelligent structures, and showcase the brand to deliver an unforgettable unboxing experience.

A multitude of factors contributes to an unboxing experience your customers deserve. Since packaging is an extension of the product, we start with the product materials.

How much protection is required to keep glass, metal, and plastic parts safe? Is that protection made from sustainable materials? How far will the product travel? Once we engineer your appliance packaging structure, we apply your brand identity according to your goals. Interior printing, exterior printing, or both? How will the assembly instructions influence unboxing? Even with heavy or fragile home product packaging, anything is possible.

These are just a few questions to guide the initial design and engineering phase as we build a comprehensive home appliances packaging design strategy.

High-quality Appliance Packaging Design

Packaging Industry Experts

We specialize in home goods packaging design, production, and logistics. Our experience spans industries, supply chains, and continents. As a sustainable packaging design agency, we use advanced printing technology fine-tuned to the highest certification standards, and we source the finest, most eco-friendly materials available. We design and produce house appliance packages, kitchenware packages, and even home goods gift boxes. We put all our resources and expertise into creating appliance industry packaging solutions, whether it’s a hundred or a hundred-thousand boxes.

Focused on Appliance Packaging Design

Collaboration is at the core of Zenpack. We can meet you where you are in the design process, or start from scratch, developing strategy, structure, and contents for your home appliance. Our packaging engineers and creative strategists deliver innovative concepts designed to turn heads and generate buzz at the store and customers’ kitchen counters. In addition to the structure, we can assist with technical manual copywriting, illustration, and graphic design. Thanks to our connected supply chain throughout the United States and Asia, we can help print and source additional package contents.

Rapid Prototyping

Home goods boxes must be able to withstand harsh shipping conditions. Engineering the best structure for the product requires a versatile team with advanced capabilities. Powered by the ESKO Kongsberg X22 cutting table, our Design Lab in San Jose, California can transform your idea into a physical prototype in 24 hours. We’ll ship it immediately so your team can continue your home appliance product launch strategy without delay. Quick changes? No problem, experimentation is part of the process. We can adjust the specs according to your feedback, then cut and fold another prototype right away.

More Than Just a Packaging Company

Designer scrutinizing package design blueprints on a computer screen

At Zenpack, we have a full team of structural engineers, graphic designers, and creative strategists dedicated to building your appliance packaging strategy. We’re powered by the unboxing experience, and your bottom line. Our knowledge extends far beyond just packaging; we design logos, build style guides & websites, and provide creative strategy for home goods brands of any size. Our premium packaging design services and market insight allows us to provide agency quality design with an unmatched packaging background.

Workers operating large blue printing machinery for package manufacturing in an industrial facility.

Custom home goods packaging is more than just a cardboard box. Each product needs a unique set of solutions, which may require innovative dielines, special materials, or state-of-the-art printing techniques. We have access to everything you need to produce packaging that stands out. Zenpack specializes in custom home goods packaging, but we also produce and source all types of containers, materials, labels, and instruction manuals included in home kitchen appliance packages. If we can’t produce it, we’ll connect you with valued partners.

Conveyor system moving boxes within a packaging logistics warehouse with storage racks in the background.

We specialize in protection and fulfillment. The logistics plan guides our design process, and our packaging engineers work closely with our logistics team to determine the best materials for the journey. They design cost-efficient solutions that align with your sustainability goals and fulfillment action plan. Is your home goods product made in Southeast Asia, fulfilled in the United States, and shipped all over the world? We can create an efficient logistics plan to optimize fulfillment time and minimize shipping costs.

Home Goods Boxes That Protect Your Product

With delicate and heavy products, shipping incidents happen. It’s probably already baked into your logistics plan. But part of that plan is reducing those incidents closer to zero each year. The positive outcomes are immense: save money, relieve headaches, and keep your customers happy. Zenpack knows how to design custom protective packaging to help you on the journey to zero.

We have access to a variety of protective materials, both traditional and sustainable. The final packaging construction depends on your product and budget, but in every case, we conduct a thorough analysis to determine options for maximum protection. Materials include form-fitting foam inserts, thermoform trays, custom molded pulp, custom-engineered 100% recycled cardboard, and other biodegradable trays and eco-friendly materials. Our production experts are constantly adding cutting-edge materials to our library as the packaging industry evolves.

Once we engineer your home product packaging strategy, it’s time for rapid prototyping and adjustments. We perform a variety of internal tests, and then submit it for ASTM-certified and ISTM-certified package testing, the industry standards. We simulate real-world conditions your kitchenware packaging or home goods box will experience throughout the supply chain, which might include extreme weather, altitude, excessive moisture, impact, shock, and above-average drops. Retailers such as Sam’s Club and Amazon have even rolled out their own standards. In 2019, Amazon introduced Frustration Free Packaging to reduce waste while protecting products during shipment. We’ve helped many brands navigate these new regulations with innovative packaging solutions.

House Appliance Packaging Case Study

unboxed home appliance package designed by Zenpack for Drinkworks

Drinkworks is one of beverage tech pioneer Keurig’s latest innovations—a machine that uses the company’s proprietary pods to prepare cocktails, ciders, beers, and other alcoholic beverages. They presented Zenpack with a simple brief: Design a house appliance package that’s easy for consumers to open. Pretty straightforward, but considering that the machine itself is large and heavy, it gets more complicated. Additionally, multiple components in this household appliances packaging needed to be stored and organized in a secure and attractive way. When Keurig first approached Zenpack, they were on a very tight launch schedule and needed a brand new packaging concept quickly.

unboxed home appliance package designed by Zenpack for Drinkworks

Like the Drinkworks slogan claims—“All the drinks without the work!”—the unboxing experience needed to be simple and satisfying. The client wanted Zenpack to create a locking system that was both noticeable and easy to open. Adding to the design team’s challenge, we needed to create the mechanism cheaply and efficiently to stay on the client’s tight schedule.

The Zenpack design team focused considerable time and energy into designing a new locking system made with PP material. The final design easily opens by twisting counterclockwise. 

The two-sided lock secures the product and reduces the time and number of steps involved in unboxing the product. Most importantly, the machine is well protected by a molded pulp tray that clearly displays all the components. 

This home goods package design won the 2019 AmeriStar Award for Household Products from the Institute of Packaging Professionals and a 2019 IDEA Bronze Award from the Industrial Design Society of America (IDSA). 

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