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Influencer Box Design That
Captivates Followers

Influencer packaging solution that reflects your brand and express your KOLs with unique unboxing experiences

What Is Influencer Package

An Influencer Box
That Represents Your Brand

As our shopping preferences evolve, brands are turning to creative ways of grabbing audience attention. And consumer attention span is hard to come by these days, so it’s essential to connect with potential customers in authentic ways. Influencer boxes are curated packages tailored to your customers, an opportunity to share new products and reveal more about your company’s identity. A well-designed influencer box combines the direct interaction of retail with the thrill of the unboxing moment. The best ones are broadcast on social media where recipients share their boxes with devoted followers.

At Zenpack, we create premium packaging based on your influencer marketing vision with influencer box invites to create a buzz about your products. Whether it’s promoting a newly released product, introducing your brand to an unfamiliar audience, or increasing social media followers, our influencer mailer boxes come in all shapes, sizes, and budgets. Like all our packaging projects, every feature is customizable, yielding a unique experience that causes influencers and future customers to take notice. The goal for every box is tangible brand interaction: results you can immediately see across social media feeds.

While e-commerce has revolutionized shopping, it sometimes lacks the direct connection customers can get from the traditional retail experience. Shoppers are turning to social media to bond over common interests and quality products. Influencer marketing combines the best of both worlds—bridging the gap between retail and social media— to treat consumers to a special event designed especially for them. An influencer package puts the spotlight on your brand and your customers.

Premium Quality Influencer Packaging

Packaging Industry Experts

We specialize in premium packaging design, production, and logistics. Our experience spans industries, supply chains, and continents. We use advanced printing technology fine-tuned to the highest certification standards, and we source the finest, most sustainable materials available. We put all our resources and expertise into producing premium influencer kit packaging, whether it’s five or five hundred boxes.

Influencer Marketing Minded

Collaboration is key. We can meet you where you are in the design process, or start from scratch, developing strategy, structure, and contents for your influencer campaign. Our creative strategists and social media managers deliver innovative concepts designed to turn heads and generate buzz. In addition to the structure, we can help print and source package contents thanks to our connected supply chain throughout the United States and Asia.

Rapid Prototyping

Powered by the ESKO Kongsberg X22 cutting table, our Design Lab in Sunnyvale, California can transform your idea into a physical prototype in 24 hours. We’ll ship it immediately so your team can continue building your influencer marketing strategy without delay. Quick changes? No problem, experimentation is part of the process. We can adjust the specs according to your feedback, then cut and fold another prototype right away.

How We Create an Unforgettable Unboxing Experience

In every one of our packaging projects, we design for the unboxing experience. That feeling when your customer opens the box drives our design process, from materials and manufacturing techniques to contents and delivery method. We also incorporate the latest technology, including augmented reality and embedded video screens. We aim to not only impress your influencers, but also cause their followers to get involved.

Defining a goal is the first step in the influencer marketing process. How does your brand measure success with this particular influencer? From there, we concept a unique experience based on their personality and audience and your product. The box can be interactive or include gifts for them to create content. Instagram branding packages for influencer boxes offer a great opportunity to follow through on out-of-the-box concepts that didn’t make the cut for your standard product packaging. Next, we help determine a budget according to how many influencers you’d like to reach out to and how expensive each box can be. We can accommodate any budget and production runs of any size, and there’s no order minimum.

Influencer marketing campaigns often begin without much notice, and brands have a brief moment to capture attention. We’re here to get started quickly, whether you’re starting from scratch or have a fully developed idea. Production usually rakes 4-6 weeks or up to 8 weeks for something more customized or ambitious.

    • Concept & Assembly: 2-3 weeks
    • Production & Printing: 2-3 weeks
    • Customization & Special Swag: 2 weeks

We Do More than Design Influencer Packaging

Influencer Box Design Case Study

Be Internet Awesome Kit

Be Internet Awesome (BIA) is a nationwide program sponsored by Google in cooperation with the Parent-Teacher Association that teaches kids the fundamentals of digital citizenship and safety. The Orchid creative team requested that Zenpack create a fully customized influencer box and inserts to hold all the published manual books, flyers, tablets, and the branded trophy. The designers only had a few graphic renderings from the agency to work with, and the kits had to be production ready in a month. Maintaining constant communication with Orchid, the teams collaborated on the final design and brought the client’s idea to reality on schedule.

Zenpack’s design team successfully created the dielines, structural engineering, and materials within a very limited timeframe. At its core, our design was a large rigid box with three layers. The first layer contained a tablet, stylus pen, and USB drive. All 20 manual books and posters were precisely organized in the second layer, and then a cover of EVA foam laminated with printed paper secured a Google Android trophy in the bottom layer.

Zenpack met the ambitious goal of helping the client transition from design idea to mass production within a month.

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