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Pharmaceutical and Medicine Packaging Design Services

roman health's pharmaceutical packaging design
roman health's pharmaceutical packaging design

Our Team Knows the Pharmaceutical Industry

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From telemedicine to cutting-edge medical devices, we help companies develop custom pharmaceutical packaging for healthy living. Medicine packaging design requires a careful balance between branding, efficient design, and customer privacy. In addition to FDA rules and regulations, product safety plays a critical role in custom pharmaceutical packaging design. At Zenpack, a pharmaceutical packaging design company, we incorporate these factors in every step of the design process.

MOCAheart heart scanners

Beginning with the exterior packaging all the way to layers of sealed medication inside, digital healthcare packaging needs to present products according to customer needs while communicating the brand identity. And in the moment when customers first interact with the product, the pharmaceutical packaging design needs to be safe, user-friendly, and trouble-free. This is the highest priority as we develop a comprehensive packaging strategy that’s both cost-efficient and thoughtfully designed.

We help companies of all sizes with pharmaceutical packaging design, production, and logistics. Our experience includes sealed medication such as pharmaceutical tablet packaging and packaging of pharmaceutical creams, medical devices, test kit packaging, and e-commerce telemedicine services. Each type of medicine packaging design comes with its own unique set of challenges, but with the right medicine packaging company partner like Zenpack, we can collaborate to create packaging that exceeds your goals.

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Custom Pharmaceutical Packaging for Every Brand

MOCAheart heart scanner box produced by Zenpack's medicine packaging services

Our team pays special attention to each client, helping them with customized packaging solutions that will not only make them stand out from the competition but will also help them build brand awareness and trust with potential customers. In the pharmaceutical industry, building trust with customers is paramount. Since the packaging is part of the product, the two need to work together to present your brand with confidence and authenticity. At Zenpack, we specialize in providing tailored pharmaceutical brand packaging solutions that align with your values and quality standards.

As pharmaceutical packaging suppliers, we’ve worked with many different types of pharmaceutical companies, from medical device startups to specimen collection devices and telemedicine prescription medication services. For each project, we work with your team to determine the most effective design that balances protection, branding, and budget. Given the wide variety of medications and dosing methods, pharmaceutical packaging demands every material and printing capability available. We have access to state-of-the-art materials and technology to ensure your brand stands out and all regulations are followed.

If you’re looking for ways to distinguish your brand while keeping customers safe, we can incorporate the latest track-and-trace technology. It is estimated that over 10% of all medication sold is counterfeited. Our packaging engineers and designers collaborate with your team to seamlessly integrate security features, including authentication tools and child-resistant mechanisms. Telemedicine packaging is no exception, often requiring shipping packaging that’s not only tamper-proof but also discreet. Every safety measure is considered, from child-resistant resealable bags to the expertly engineered shipping package that’s transporting medication to the right person.

Pharmaceutical Packaging Design Case Study

person opening up roman health's supplement package

Roman is a men’s digital healthcare clinic that offers virtual doctor visits and mail-order prescription deliveries for millions of patients. The Zenpack team had to solve for several challenges associated with direct-to-consumer startups and telemedicine. First, Roman was bringing a completely new brand to market, and a big part of their brand is building trust by preserving customer privacy. While privacy was a high priority, the packaging structure and materials had to support the Roman brand identity. Zenpack’s packaging had to balance a bold brand against minimal, subtle markings that wouldn’t draw attention or announce the contents.

person opening up roman health's supplement package

Zenpack created a strong, sleek medicine packaging box with a full-color wrap based on the artistic vision of a partner design agency. It fit perfectly with Roman’s contemporary aesthetic. Zenpack’s design team took it a step further and created a PET internal cover on the packaging. It helps keep the product in place, and adds to the unboxing experience, while also allowing for another opportunity to add a logo and brand copy. After experimentation and a few rounds of testing, Zenpack’s team found the perfect adhesive viscosity to make it a fully effective panel.

Roman opted to bring in Zenpack’s operations experts to provide guidance on both the design side and the logistics side. With their combined decades of experience in high-end packaging design, they provided expert advice based on Roman’s specific needs. Due to an uncertain order forecast, Zenpack worked closely with Roman’s fulfillment team and offered various shipping options to make sure their factory got the right number of boxes at the right time. The result: fewer backorders, less lag time, and happier customers.

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End-to-end Medicine Packaging Services

Designer scrutinizing package design blueprints on a computer screen

When you work with Zenpack, you have a team of dedicated structural engineers, graphic designers, and creative strategists. We’re focused on developing your medication packaging based on customer needs. As a pharmaceutical packaging design company with experience in other packaging sectors, we’ve learned that the unboxing experience is just as important, even if certain features are valued over others. Understanding your brand identity and goals helps us deliver the right unboxing experience. Visit our packaging design services page to learn more about our graphic design pharmaceutical packaging expertise.

Workers operating large blue printing machinery for package manufacturing in an industrial facility.

Zenpack utilizes a vast network of factories, supply chains, and material libraries to produce industry standard packaging. In addition to plastic pharmaceutical packaging, medicine pill packaging and pharmaceutical packaging boxes, we specialize in innovative and sustainable materials such as pharmaceutical glass packaging. Our globally certified digital and lithographic printing presses enable track-and-trace technology and any other security measures your product requires. Learn more at our Manufacturing page.

Conveyor system moving boxes within a packaging logistics warehouse with storage racks in the background.

All pharmaceutical packaging companies and pharmaceutical packaging strategies need a sound fulfillment and shipping plan. At Zenpack, we design with logistics in mind. Our engineers design cost-efficient dielines that protect medication during transit while using minimal waste. If you need help with retail pharmacy channel compliance or dynamic fulfillment plans, we can assist. In addition to our Zenpack offices in California, Taiwan, and China, we have fulfillment centers and partners throughout Southeast Asia and the United States. Head over to our Logistics page to learn more about our packaging logistics solutions.

A Process with a Proven Track Record

MOCAheart's medicine packaging design after unboxing

When developing pharmaceutical packaging design, we focus on three main qualities: protection, safety, and unboxing. The pharmaceutical industry has many requirements across diverse sectors, from pharmacies and hospitals to telemedicine and wellness. Throughout our design process, we consider the following questions:

MOCAheart's medicine packaging design after unboxing

What type of protection is needed?

In pharmaceutical packaging, protection is the most important factor. Some medication needs special packaging barriers, films, or may even need to be stored at a certain temperature. This will surely affect the design, as well as the logistics plan. Our packaging experts engineer clever dielines, and we have years of experience sourcing innovative materials to keep products fresh and protected.

How can we design a package that’s user-friendly yet safe for children?

Protection also needs to be considered for the end users. Medicine packaging should be simple for adults to understand and adhere to child-resistant regulations. Additionally, the child-resistant mechanism and packaging should be designed for seniors and people living with disabilities. We spent two years developing and patenting our own child-resistant system, a sustainable solution in a plastic-dominant industry.

How can we balance branding, safety, and quality?

Ultimately, packaging is an extension of the product, and your company. It should represent your values and serve your customers. Especially in pharmaceutical packaging, the unboxing experience should never cause stress. We believe that through good design and transparent production and logistics, we can create packaging your customers deserve.

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