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Test Kit Packaging Solutions

Secure Clinical Test Kit Packages

As at-home testing grows in popularity, regulation-compliant packaging is more important than ever. From COVID test boxes to DNA test packaging, we’ve designed, produced, and shipped innovative and secure clinical test kit packaging solutions. Developing safe and clever packaging is an essential step in our design process.

Like every project, we collaborate with your team to understand your product and packaging requirements. Most at-home test kits have strict guidelines, so we incorporate them right from the start. Each guideline is a new design challenge. Throughout the design and manufacturing process, we make slight adjustments to account for sustainability, cost savings, and the customer experience.

An Intuitive Unboxing Experience

When designing a package for at-home health test kits, we consider every user. The experience should be straightforward and accessible. This begins with the structural design and continues with directions, illustrations, and graphics. Our designers know the intricacies of the medical industry, always striving to find a balance with regulations and presentation. In addition to our packaging designers, we have full-time technical writers, graphic designers, and illustrators.

We use a variety of materials to produce flexible medical test packaging. Some regulations require a specific material, or your brand style guide may limit the material choices. Regardless of constraints, we can work with your team to choose the best options from our extensive material library. We offer every paper-based product, medical-grade plastic, molded pulps, as well as cutting-edge sustainable materials.

Your Brand at the Center

With powerful branding and concise instructions, customers will appreciate their at-home test kit experience. Unfortunately, in a rush to get their products to a crowded market, companies often overlook the packaging experience. They forget that the customer is the core of their business, especially in an industry handling sensitive health and data.

Our designers work closely with our material and manufacturing experts to integrate your brand values, mission, and vision. We work with you every step of the way, collaborating on the most effective ways to communicate and share your brand story. When packaging elevates the product and brand, the company is doing its best to meet customer needs.

Alcohol & Drug Test Kit Packaging

Patients and customers use testing kits in a variety of settings, from hospitals and clinics to athletic facilities and even their own homes. We create alcohol and drug test kit packaging designed for any situation.

As testing technology continues to improve, customers can complete their alcohol and drug testing kits at home. We help companies design their test kit packaging as well as their overall testing procedures, which may include illustrations, technical writing, and regulatory compliance. If brands don’t have an in-house team for medical packaging design, we can take the lead in redesigning every moment in the customer journey.

Blood Test Kit Packaging Solutions

Point of care devices allow patients to provide blood samples on the go, at home, or in the hospital. Using the specially designed diagnostic tools, medical professionals and patients collect small blood samples and then send them to the lab.

We worked with Recovery Trek to design a blood test kit package for their program participants. Our goal was to create a simple and efficient participant experience without unnecessary steps or materials. The resulting box has a built-in phone stand, directions printed on the inside, and convenient return packaging.

DNA Test Packages

Most DNA testing companies only need a small vial of saliva to analyze your genetic makeup. For proper handling and smooth delivery, DNA test packages must have sterile collection devices, clear instructions, and easy-to-use return packaging.

We’ve worked with some of the foremost DNA testing companies to develop not only outer packaging, but also interior packaging and instructions. As new saliva collection devices come to market, we assist medical device companies write and illustrate collection instructions. We then integrate them into innovative packaging designs for a succinct and confusion-free customer experience.

At-home COVID Test Boxes

at-home covid test box

COVID-19 testing is now routine for many people throughout the world. In the United States alone, each day around 1.5 million people take an at-home test. Organizations and businesses rely on COVID test boxes to keep their employees healthy, and individuals can take a quick test for peace of mind.

Even though we’re all familiar with the testing process, well-written instructions, proper disclaimers, and accurate diagnostic instruments are essential components in every COVID testing kit package. At Zenpack, we can provide each of these components to deliver the best testing experience possible.

at-home covid test box

An Experienced Team at Your Service

Our team includes packaging engineers, industrial designers, graphic designers, and brand strategists with experience across many industries. No matter the industry, the customer unboxing experience always comes first. Zenpack designers stick to this universal truth, incorporating their diverse knowledge into every dieline.

When we receive a new medical tests packages project, our team evaluates the brief to determine the best course of action based on parameters.

Our pharmaceutical packaging design team collaborates, designs, tests, and shares with the client, then repeats this process until we achieve the optimal design. We’re in constant communication with our manufacturing and logistics teams to ensure the packaging meets standards every step of the way.

Since we believe packaging is part of the product, everyone on our design team comes from a product design background. This type of experience is essential to producing packaging that elevates the product and brand.

From Design to Delivery

At our design studio in San Jose, California, we use the latest packaging design and rapid prototyping technology. Our team works closely with our designers in Southeast Asia to ensure designs meet all relevant certifications and standards. In addition to structural design, we specialize in branding, packaging graphic design, medical illustrations and instructions, and copywriting. Learn more about our capabilities on the Design page.

Zenpack's high tech packaging

Using the time difference to our advantage, the design team communicates with our colleagues in Southeast Asia to produce test kit packaging. We have access to the latest materials, including medical grade PET, glass, and flexible barrier films. We manufacture, test, and modify according to all necessary medical certifications. More information about our production processes is available on our Manufacturing page.

Packaging fulfillment operations

At the start of every project, we design according to the eventual logistics plan. At-home testing kits travel far, and need to be designed to handle the journey. Our logistics solutions save time, money, and energy through freight packaging optimization. We can assist with fulfillment and channel compliance, or work with your vendors to achieve smooth delivery. Head to our Logistics page to learn more.

Test Kit Packaging Case Study

Zenpack's test kit packaging opening and changing colors
Zenpack's test kit packaging opening and changing colors

Recovery Trek is a substance abuse monitoring provider that helps customers stay focused on their recovery goals. Using their Success Management Software, they work with case managers to track participant treatment programs. At-home testing kits are integral to their system, allowing participants to achieve success and stay on course in a comfortable space.

In collaboration with the Recovery Trek team, we developed a sustainable packaging solution for their new test kit program. We printed unique sleeves for each kit, helping Recovery Trek save time and money with a uniform box structure across the family of packages. We simplified the testing procedure down to its most basic steps, printing instructions directly to the lid interior. The package also folds down to reveal an integrated cell phone stand for viewing additional instructional videos.

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