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Looking for your brand’s next viral influencer campaign?

Tap into Zenpack’s award-winning packaging design solutions to elevate your PR and influencer campaigns.

We will help you:
• Create a custom unboxing experience tailored for your brand.
• Generate buzz and reach to maximize your ROI.
• Manage your kitting and fulfillment or work directly with your contract manufacturer.

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CVS – Image source: @itsjasminearce via TikTok

DVF – Image source: Daily Mail, @tvf via Instagram

Halo Top – Image source: @carolinahella via TikTok

With Zenpack, you will get:

  • An award-winning packaging design and engineering team


  • An expedited design timeline – fast turnaround from design to production

  • Dedicated project management and collaborative, cross-functional support


  • Rapid prototyping for swift, iterative design improvements

  • Quick sourcing for swag, custom tape, tissue paper, etc.


  • Proactive planning for reduced carbon footprint and consumer waste

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Clients Love Zenpack

Crown Affair

Beauty & Cosmetics
“Zenpack was able to source the match for an expensive specialty paper we didn’t think we could find outside of the UK. They were able to take our team’s packaging vision and turn it into a reality. Once we landed Sephora and started to scale up, we never had to worry about our colors not matching on the shelf.”
The subdued color palette makes the unboxing feel elevated and special


Consumer Electronics
“We’ve had the privilege of working with Zenpack, and we can’t contain our excitement to share our experience with you. If you’re on the hunt for a manufacturing solution that covers everything from concept to full-scale production, look no further – Zenpack is the real deal!”


Home Appliances
“Thanks to Zenpack, we were able to meet our launch plans on time and on budget. Additionally, our unique package design was intended to keep the consumer top-of-mind and provide a remarkable un-boxing experience.”
Home bar appliance by Drinkworks displayed next to its sleek packaging design with cocktail images.
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