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Custom Brand Packaging Services

Brand Packaging Solutions for Established Companies

Have you ever wondered why your product revenue is in a stalemate despite soaring marketing spending? Are you in a highly competitive market looking for ways to bring your products to the next level? Here at Zenpack, we preach the importance of first impressions. We offer corporate branding solutions for established businesses to engage audiences on a personal level, allowing your brand to stand out in a highly competitive market.

Our packaging team can work with you on any brand touchpoint, from product naming, brand & logo design, and market research to color matching, material selection, and print processes. Whether you’re launching a new product, repositioning for a new market, or refreshing your existing brand, our packaging experts can provide you with the assistance needed to make your brand splash.

Our Brand Packaging Services Approach

To create packaging that best represents your brand, we work closely with you to discover and understand core values. Every design decision should resonate with your brand’s mission. When designing your packaging, we put ourselves on the receiving end of the package, focusing on the look, the feel, and the unboxing experience.

We painstakingly consider every aspect of the journey it takes from box to product and beyond to ensure that the brand message is clearly delivered. After thorough market research, our packaging graphic designers then create inspiring visuals as well as packaging design mockups to offer a quick overview of what your potential packaging looks like.

Our team can then produce and deliver white box rapid prototypes to your hands in as little as 24 hours. When it comes time to add graphics, if your brand is familiar with premium packaging design, or you have in-house graphic designers, we can provide custom packaging dielines and guidelines to help you create your desired prints.

Branded Retail Packaging and Shipping Solutions

We offer complete brand packaging solutions for your every need. See how we can help to bring your brand to the next level.

Designer scrutinizing package design blueprints on a computer screen

Our branded retail packaging designs put brand awareness front and center. Our brand strategists and graphic designers work together to bring out the best your brand has to offer, while our structural engineers ensure that your packaging arrives in the state you intend it to. Whether you’re an established brand seeking corporate branding solutions, or a small business just getting started, our design team can work with you to reach the result you’re looking for. We even offer specialized packaging solutions for small businesses to ensure your products always make a great impression.

Workers operating large blue printing machinery for package manufacturing in an industrial facility.

With a wide network of international offices and factories to keep projects running 24 hours, we can meet the rigorous demands of product branding and packaging. Our facilities utilize the latest in printing and manufacturing technology to produce sturdy and high-quality packaging. As a sustainable brand packaging agency, we offer intelligent solutions to reduce materials while maximizing protection without using plastic bubble wrap or packing peanuts.

Conveyor system moving boxes within a packaging logistics warehouse with storage racks in the background.

From the start of the design phase, we focus on cutting down on shipping and fulfillment costs. Our advanced pallet-loading and shipper optimization software determines the most efficient packaging solutions and logistics processes. We leverage our international network for branded retail packaging and shipping solutions. Based on the dimensions of your product, budget, and schedule, we offer ocean freight and air shipping options, complemented by our efficient packaging fulfillment services to ensure safe and cost-effective delivery. Additionally, we have warehouses and fulfillment partners throughout Southeast Asia and the world. Once your products are unloaded by sea or air, we can connect you with local freight forwarders to transport your goods to the destination.

Packaging Mockup and Prototyping Services

At Zenpack, we understand that brands need to be innovative to stay on top of their game. That’s why we’re offering cutting-edge package design mockups and rapid prototyping services tailored to your needs. Our experiment-driven and creative approach allows us to develop innovative and expertly engineered packaging design, bringing your brand to the center of customer attention.

Our package prototype development cycle begins with a mockup design. During this phase, we visualize the packaging with software to allow us to tweak and improve the design before we move on to physical prototypes. Our packaging engineers can quickly adjust dielines, colors, branding, and backgrounds based on your feedback.

Once we have decided on the design mockup, we move on to produce rapid prototypes. Our design lab is equipped with the ESKO Kongsberg X22 cutting table, a state-of-the-art finishing device for flexible packaging prototypes.

The Kongsberg allows us to produce and ship mock prototypes within 24 hours, giving us the freedom to experiment with creative packaging ideas without compromising quality, so you can have a physical sample in your hands shortly after the dielines are drawn.

Our dedicated team of packaging engineers and machine technicians specializes in transforming dielines into full-scale prototypes, ensuring your packaging design is optimized for form and function.

Our Commitment to Eco-Friendly Branded Packaging

We understand that sustainability is a fundamental aspect of good packaging design, which is why sustainable packaging solutions are at the forefront of our approach. Our team of structural engineers and designers takes into consideration every aspect of a package’s life cycle. We use responsibly sourced materials and FSC Certified paper products that guarantee a traceable, sustainable chain of custody.

To ensure that our packages are both beautiful and sustainable, we print all our packaging with soy-based inks that are vibrant and eye-catching. We also perform rigorous color-matching tests to ensure that every package is perfectly crafted to meet our high standards.

During our collaboration with dental company Tend, we vigorously tested ocean plastic polyester fabric to create a sustainable giveaway goody bag. Tend wanted to offer an eco-friendly gift bag that people actually want to use. The idea was to encourage patients to return to their pre-pandemic dental check-up schedules. With our expertise in sustainable packaging solutions, we were able to design a dental packaging design solution that perfectly aligned with their vision.

We were able to secure a textile made from ocean plastic fabric that offers rigidity and structural integrity. To achieve Tend’s signature teal color, we went through many rounds of testing and even hand-mixed the dye to achieve the ideal result.

The bag quickly proved to be very effective as 65% of the recipients came back for a teeth cleaning. The bag is now the standout item in Tend’s Anywhere Travel Kit, available for purchase on their e-commerce site. We believe that eco-friendly branded packaging design is the future of the industry, and we take pride in helping other companies create sustainable packaging solutions.

Persuasive Packaging that Boosts Sales

For years, we have been designing and producing packaging for clients across various industries. Our engineers and designers have decades of packaging and manufacturing experience. Our comprehensive understanding of materials, processes, and precision manufacturing allows us to make your packaging persuasive. We specialize in creating branded packaging for small businesses, ensuring that every aspect of your packaging reflects your unique brand identity.

We focus on the unboxing experience. We ensure that every packaging detail is thoughtfully designed to provide an unforgettable opening experience. Each material and mechanism—custom tape, pull tabs, embedded magnets, foil stamping, soft-touch finishes, hidden copy—are carefully considered during the design phase.

When you work with us, you are in control of every step in the packaging process. We collaborate to understand your brand, audience, and timeline, then deliver a packaging solution tailored to your product. We offer innovative structures, materials, and printing methods to make your brand shine in a package your product truly deserves. Whether you’re in retail or e-commerce or want to reach untapped audiences by using, for example, influencer boxes, Zenpack is here to help.

Have an Experienced Team at Your Side

At Zenpack, we are committed to providing packaging solutions tailored to your business needs. As a recognized premium packaging company, Zenpack is comprised of experienced professionals with expertise in graphic design, package engineering, logistics, manufacturing, and supply chain management. Our team’s diverse backgrounds allow us to take a holistic approach to brand packaging design, helping our clients create iconic packaging that highlights their brands in the most efficient and effective way possible.

Our deep pool of connections with material vendors, factories, and supply chains across the globe allows us to efficiently adjust and scale up or down depending on your needs. We also pride ourselves on our flexibility. Whether you’re looking to start from scratch or revamp your existing brands, we can meet you where you’re at.

Established Brands Case Study

Fitbit, an innovative wearable technology leader, reached out to us for high-quality packaging solutions for their newly launched flagship product line. After the initial discussion, Fitbit expressed their interest in creating a sophisticated packaging design incorporating a wide range of specialized materials including a paper box, acrylic cover, plastic tray, and elastic hang loop.

After several rounds of evaluation and testing, we merged the different materials in one attractive package that passed the ISTA 3A test. With our local structural engineering and sampling support, we were able to develop the packaging according to Fitbit’s exact standards.

Thanks to our fully integrated production line, we helped Fitbit with kitting each of the packaging materials together, saving the company package kitting and shipping costs, resulting in an on-time and on-budget product launch. Our strong logistics team used software to create a cartonization and palletization system for the new product, which maximized space efficiency and reduced shipping costs.

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