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T3 Micro

A cohesive packaging strategy to build brand awareness

Zenpack created a uniform supply chain and packaging strategy so T3 Micro could save time and money while opening up new brand opportunities.

The Problem

T3 Micro is an established manufacturer with a wide range of SKUs in the hair tool category. They currently sell through various retailers and wanted to build brand awareness among consumers and enter additional distribution channels.

The Outcome

With Zenpack’s help, T3 now has uniform packaging across its vast product line.
Increased brand visibility and an improved brand experience has led to new growth opportunities with major retail distributors, which could only be achieved with Zenpack’s premium packaging solution.


The biggest challenge Zenpack faced was dealing with a wide variance in package style and quality across the product range. Nothing looked cohesive. Print colors were off, paper quality varied, and even the logo didn’t always appear correctly. Because there was no cohesive strategy around packaging, the team was wasting both time and money dealing with vendor communication issues and troubleshooting quality complaints.

T3 packages

With multiple paper vendors,
product photos varied from box to box.

Standardized dielines save time and
30% on labor costs.

Folding carton box vs rigid packaging


Zenpack created a much more efficient packaging strategy that solved each challenge, ultimately boosting T3 Micro’s bottom line. One of the first steps was consolidating the paper source across T3’s manufacturing network. Now every paper insert has the same color and thickness, resulting in lower per unit costs.

The team also standardized the design files, process guidelines, and structural elements to lower manufacturing costs. Knowing that printing sometimes comes with color correction problems, Zenpack worked with T3 to perfect their brand colors. For example, they printed nine different shades of red to compare against their red hairdryer to match the packaging to the product.

They were also having trouble getting their logo to print correctly. Zenpack used a specific jig to ensure that their gold foil logo appears properly on each package, replacing a previously sloppy look with a professional finish. In order to keep up with T3 Micro’s production pace, Zenpack also introduced packaging logistics solutions and shipping options to make sure that their new packaging supply chain never creates a delay.

Engineering Zenpack's premium packaging

Zenpack’s design team standardized the design files and engineered a new structure to simplify the assembly process and cut down on labor costs.

Zenpack’s team worked with T3 to properly calibrate each color so that the packaging matches the products and every brand color is printed accurately.

Working on T3 packages


Since working with Zenpack, T3 Micro’s brand recognition has increased, internal efficiencies have improved, and new growth is now possible. Unified packaging has opened new opportunities for distribution with retailers like Costco that demand channel compliance.

T3 Micro has greatly reduced costs with their streamlined packaging production and logistics. Customer experience has been vastly improved — all T3 Micro products now have the same elevated unboxing experience.

With its established systems and networks, Zenpack is still able to stay nimble and immediately address issues as they arise, and help T3 Micro bring new products to market faster than they ever could have before. It’s the kind of win-win relationship that makes Zenpack one of the best premium packaging companies out there. Our packaging design services were essential to achieve these goals.

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