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True Marker

A modular package for dozens of lab-certified tests

True Marker wanted to make diagnostic testing quicker, easier, and more affordable, so they reached out to Zenpack to design a dynamic packaging system that could accommodate each of their tests.

The Problem

True Marker approached us to design a packaging system for the launch of their new direct-to-consumer diagnostic testing kits. With sixteen different tests in three categories, our task was to create a system that could scale and work within their logistical constraints while providing a clear and pleasant unboxing experience with easy-to-follow instructions.

The Outcome

To achieve this, we developed a three-part system consisting of a sleeve, box, and inserts. The sleeve allows us to communicate the test category, while the book-style rigid box provides protection and easy access to the test kits. The inserts, made with intricate folded structures, offer variability and room for growth for future tests.


True Marker offers a wide range of at-home testing, from fertility and testosterone to vitamin D and sexual health. Normally, product variety like True Marker’s can lead to multiple packaging sizes and ultimately, a more complicated packaging system. Due to the uniform size of the contents though, Zenpack’s structural engineers saw an opportunity to create a one-size-fits-all package.

While the products are similar in size, the contents change depending on the testing tools and procedures. Balancing customer accessibility and structural uniformity across products became our biggest challenge to overcome. Products in the telemedicine industry—especially testing kits—must adhere to specific regulations to facilitate an effective testing process and maintain customer privacy. It was clear that we would need to work closely with the True Marker team to ensure we were crafting the best at-home testing experience.


Our engineers created an architecture that holds the lancets in clear view upon opening, allowing ergonomic access for users of different genders and ages. The lancets float between the paper structures, and the paper itself serves as a platform for clear instructions that improve compliance, especially for more complex tests.

We specified the sleeve with coated-one-side paper boards, which allow for vibrant lithographic prints. The box is made with v-cut rigid boards for perfect 90-degree edges and wrapped end-to-end to avoid unpleasant indentations. The inserts use the same coated paper as the sleeve.

We designed the system to be modular and easy to assemble, which allows True Marker to run a cost-effective and versatile operation. All packaging components ship flat to their fulfillment center to significantly cut down on freight costs. Once the True Marker team is ready to fulfill, they can quickly assemble the packaging and fill it with the test materials. They can use the same shipper and primary package for every test, and then slide on a custom sleeve to distinguish each test.


When customers receive their package, they are presented with everything they need to perform their test and send it back to True Marker for fast results. In what could be a stressful scenario, this modular system eliminates the guesswork and puts customers at ease. This past year, the True Marker packaging system was awarded an iF Design Award in the Packaging – Medicine / Pharmaceuticals category.

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