Be Internet Awesome Kit

Zenpack proved the perfect partner for Google’s influencer campaign box.
Zenpack collaborated with the world-famous Orchid creation team to produce Google’s “Be Internet Awesome” kits now being shipped to schools all across the United States
The Problem
The Orchid creation team in New York wanted Zenpack to help them produce 800 units of a “Be Internet Awesome” kit with an extremely tight timeline. They only had a few graphic and 3D renderings of their ideas. It was up to Zenpack to create a complete set with nicely finished and soundly engineered packaging for them.
The Outcome
The Zenpack team devoted its resources and production line to support this project and achieved the task of taking the client’s vision from 2D to 3D, plus mass production within one month. They also made the package steady and strong enough to contain hefty kit elements including over 20 books per box. Plus, they did color calibration for all the printed goods to meet the quality standards of Orchid and Google.
Be Internet Awesome (BIA) is a nationwide program sponsored by Google in cooperation with the Parent-Teacher Association that teaches the fundamentals of digital citizenship and safety to kids. Orchid requested that Zenpack create a complete customized box and inserts to hold all the published manual books, flyers, tablets and the branded trophy inside. The project was urgent, and the designers only had a few graphic renderings from the agency to work with, and had to be production ready in a month.
Zenpack’s design team successfully created the dielines, structural engineering, and materials within a very limited time. They communicated openly with the agency to get to a place mutual agreement on the design, and bought the client’s idea to reality on schedule. Then Zenpack’s production line helped their client meet their deadline and managed the production schedule from material research to printing calibration and quality control. They ensured adequate structural integrity to hold all the accessories inside without allowing damage during the shipping.

At its core, Zenpack’s design was a large rigid box with three layers. The first layer contained a tablet, stylus pen, and USB drive. All 20 manual books and posters were perfectly organized in the second layer, and then a cover of EVA foam laminated with printing paper secured a Google android trophy in the bottom layer.
Zenpack established their own goal to help the client get from design idea to mass production within a month. The communication during the project was efficient and smooth; and the agency was able to meet the client’s standard while arranging the production schedule with necessary suppliers. When clients need a packaging partner to bring unique projects to life, they turn to Zenpack.