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Custom Packaging for Small Businesses

High-Quality Packaging Solutions for Small Businesses

For a lot of small business owners, getting enough brand recognition and visibility is a major roadblock to success. With limited resources and a lower budget than established brands, making the right decision becomes vital.

Here at Zenpack, we specialize in packaging for start-up businesses. Depending on your project needs, we can work with you at any point in your design process. We have experience spanning multiple sectors. From logistics-conscious e-commerce packaging to buzz-generating influencer marketing packaging, our experienced team can provide the exact service you need, when you need it.

Our team of graphic designers can create powerful visuals and packaging design mockups that work with your specifications and align with your brand style. We stand from your customer’s point of view to optimize the look, the feel, and the unboxing experience. No matter what or where you’re selling, our design service can cater to your specific needs.

Once your packaging design is finalized, our network of factories is ready to deliver your packaging from design to reality. As a luxury packaging manufacturer, we provide you with access to our top suppliers, internationally certified facilities, and skilled manufacturing teams.

Why Choose Zenpack?

We provide a 360-degree packaging approach to elevate your product to new heights. We understand a well-designed package is just as crucial as the product contained within. Premium packaging can elevate your brand identity and attract previously untapped audiences, whether you’re selling in retail stores or e-commerce platforms.

We take pride in our flexibility to collaborate with clients and create small business custom packaging solutions that are unique to your brand. We can guide you in every step of the way, so you’re always in control throughout the design process. Our dedicated team specializes in providing top-notch brand packaging services tailored specifically for small businesses like yours.

We offer a range of creative packaging structures, materials, and printing methods to help your brand truly shine and stand out in the crowded market dominated by big brands. Taking advantage of our rapid prototyping service, we can transform designs into white box samples within 24 hours.

Our team works closely with bespoke packaging manufacturers to create your custom packaging system. Our logistics experts can then analyze your fulfillment plan to determine the most efficient and cost-effective shipping solution.

Eco-friendly Packaging
for Small Businesses

As small business owners and entrepreneurs, we can reduce the amount of waste our shoppers generate by ditching single-use plastics and shifting to eco-friendly packaging for small businesses.

Zenpack was founded with the goal of being an eco-friendly packaging solutions provider. Our packaging design services have focused on environmentally responsible practices from our inception. Our structural engineers and designers are familiar with the materials and the processes required to take advantage of these materials, making sure that throughout the design journey, the packaging can be truly sustainable.

We examine every procedure in the packaging process to reduce carbon footprint while keeping products safe and secure. Our structural engineers develop brilliant designs to offer optimal protection and completely remove the need for plastic bubble wrap.

To keep our packaging design both robust and sustainable, we make use of FSC Certified and pre- and post-consumer recycled paper, as well as cutting-edge sustainable materials to minimize the environmental impact and ensure that our chain of custody is fully traceable and sustainable.

By partnering with fulfillment centers across the world, we can reduce shipping components and minimize environmental impact. Our intelligent pallet loading techniques allow us to transport more packages in a single load, reducing freight and increasing savings.

A Packaging Company for All Your Needs

Zenpack is a full-service packaging solutions company that provides everything from design and structural engineering to fulfillment services. Our team of experts can assist with your project at any point in your development phase. Since we operate across multiple time zones and supply chains, we can work seamlessly to meet your tight schedules.

Our custom packaging process for small businesses begins with collaboration between branding, graphic, and structural design experts to create packaging from the customer’s point of view. We make sure that the design and the unboxing experience leaves a lasting impression on customers.

With decades of experience working with material vendors and factories around the world, we leveled the playing field for small businesses by providing them with a wide selection of materials, printing methods, and finishes that were previously exclusive to big brands, allowing businesses to achieve the desired outcome even in the most trivial details.

Our internationally certified printing and production facilities can create rapid prototypes to minimize the time it takes to get your product to the market. We also provide global shipping, fulfillment, and channel compliance services for small to mid-sized businesses to seamlessly engage with retail and e-commerce channels.

Focus on Branded Packaging for Small Businesses

How do you gain traction in growing your audience and increasing product awareness as a start-up business? Branded packaging might be the answer you’ve been looking for.

More than just a box and some bubble wrap, packaging is an extension of your product. It provides protection, tells your brand story, and communicates with customers. With proper execution, you can drive customer recognition, improve customer loyalty, and deliver an unforgettable unboxing experience.

Zenpack specializes in creating a distinctive voice for your brand. In the instance of our collaboration with indoor cannabis cultivation company Aura, we developed a unique brand identity and style guide that conveys the brand’s core identities.

We used lithographic printing on textured paper for the entire labeling system, covering boxes, cartons, jars, and pouches to provide a vibrant color palette while keeping the surface matte. The substantial structure invites customers to cherish each item and look forward to the ritual experience.

In 2021, Zenpack was recognized by multiple prestigious design awards, including the Core77 Design Awards and the Pentawards, as well as two Shortlist awards at the Clio Cannabis Awards.

How Our Custom Packaging Process Works

As packaging solution experts, we know the importance of leaving an unforgettable first impression. Here at Zenpack, we offer custom packaging services for small businesses from design to delivery, helping you stand out from cookie cutters and establish a more intimate relationship with your customers.

We start by taking a closer look at your current packaging system and future requirements. In the discovery meeting, a key component of our packaging consulting approach, we learn about your project to further develop the idea. A deeper understanding of your objectives, budget, logistics, design preferences, and additional factors helps us create something that truly connects with your brand.

We’ll work with you to develop a tailored, sustainable packaging solution that meets your specific needs. Our goal is to provide a collaborative and approachable experience, and we’ll always be here to help and answer any questions you may have along the way.

With the preliminary plan settled, our structural engineers, creative strategists, and graphic designers work together to create mood boards and sketches depicting different options and concepts. Once you decide on a direction, we can then transform these illustrations into 3D mockups.

As the name suggests, 3D mockups allow you to view the package design in a three-dimensional format. We can display the design from all types of angles and settings, whether it is the packaging design itself, the product with the packaging, or simulating the packaging in a retail setting. After a quick round of revisions and your final approval, we prepare the dielines for rapid prototyping.

You’re all set with your product packaging mockup, it’s now time to bring the concept to life. Our talented packaging engineers use the Kongsberg X22 cutting table to transform mockups into a rapid prototype. Our team will evaluate the white box with you to ensure the size, shape, and closing mechanisms are up to your standards.

Once we get your final approval, we’ll send the dielines and graphic design files over to our crew in Southeast Asia to create the golden sample. Golden samples are a single run of fully branded packages. It takes a slightly longer time to produce, but it is the final approval step before we kick things into high gear and start mass-producing your packaging.

We have offices, manufacturing operations, and fulfillment facilities in North America, China, and Taiwan. Additionally, we have partners in the warehouse and fulfillment industry throughout Southeast Asia and the world.

Throughout the manufacturing process, we have on-site QC programs in place to ensure that every piece meets our highest standards. We maintain a weekly audit to evaluate everything from raw materials to the end of the assembly line.

Our dedicated resource management team collaborates with partners across the globe, saving you the trouble of figuring out logistics scheduling, fulfillment, and channel compliance regulations on your own. Our logistics specialists review your fulfillment plan to provide an efficient and cost-effective delivery solution to save your costs and maximize profit.

Tailored Custom Packaging Solutions for Your Industry

child-resistant cannabis packaging design which works by clicking on a button

Just as water needs a vessel for carrying, every product needs proper packaging to reach its destination. We have clients coming from all walks of life looking for packaging that puts their brand in the spotlight. Over the years, we have diversified our operations to accommodate all types of products. From cannabis to consumer electronics, cosmetics to home appliances, we offer customized packaging solutions for small businesses to help accentuate your brand and attract the right audiences.

One of our favorite examples of a custom packaging solution, Zenlock, is a direct response to recreational cannabis legalization. We developed Zenlock in light of the regulations announced back in 2019 by the California Bureau of Cannabis Control, which states that all cannabis products are required to be enclosed in child-resistant (CR) packaging.

Our goal was to design a CR packaging mechanism that has the flexibility to scale up and down to accommodate the diverse options of cannabis products. In the meantime, allow businesses to focus on branding with customized print finishes.

child-resistant cannabis packaging design which works by clicking on a button

After multiple prototype tests, we created Zenlock, a discreet-looking CR system that balances mechanics and user experience. Cannabis brands can now easily take advantage of Zenlock while focusing on customizing packaging design.

How We’ve Helped Small Businesses in the Past

In our collaboration with Olive Oil Jones, a small business specializing in high quality olive oil, we worked with the client to achieve the desired custom packaging, save on fulfillment costs, and stay sustainable.

Olive Oil Jones delivers fresh olive oil harvested from all over the Mediterranean. As the company grew in popularity, they wanted refreshed packaging that was aesthetically pleasing and enjoyable to open.

We worked with the brand to develop a clever and sustainable packaging system that not only prevents the bottles from breaking while in transit but also saves time and money during fulfillment.

After many iterations and tests, we came up with a triangular structure that would secure the bottle without putting too much pressure on a specific area. The structure has corrugated layers at the top and bottom with circular-cut air pockets for slight vertical movement and even weight distribution.

The company was clear on its desire to avoid plastic, so we focused on creating a sustainable and customized packaging solution for small businesses by constructing with only corrugated cardboard, white glue, soy-based ink, and cotton cloth handles.

We strived to meet every design request from Olive Oil Jones, resulting in a premium packaging that is eco-friendly, easy to assemble, and ensures the safety of the product. The improved design allows the small team to ramp up their production, supporting the company’s growing operation, and helping them save on fulfillment costs. In the end, we achieved our goal: to create branded packages for this small business and allow it to stand out from the competition.

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