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Packaging Engineering Services

Tailor Made Engineered Packaging Solutions

At Zenpack, we understand that every client is unique, and their packaging needs to reflect their brand and target audience while meeting both regulatory and specific package requirements. We take into consideration every aspect of your product’s lifecycle, from production and fulfillment to storage. Our tailor made engineered packaging solutions are designed to address specific factors such as fragility, perishability, and the fulfillment process, among many others.

We understand that packaging materials and graphic design decisions can pose new challenges, and we are equipped to handle them efficiently. Our team of specialized packaging graphic designers, coupled with advanced design mockup software, enables us to rapidly align with your style and create powerful visuals that capture the essence of your brand.

To provide you with an actual look and feel of the packaging prototypes, we rely on our cutting-edge ESKO Kongsberg X22 cutting table. With this technology, we can quickly turn digital mockups into tangible prototypes, allowing you to hold and evaluate the packaging firsthand. Say goodbye to weeks-long prototype development, let us help you get started today.

Before proceeding with mass production, our packaging engineering services involve rigorous testing in our ISTA-certified lab to ensure that your products can withstand the demanding journey of transportation. Through free-fall drop tests and vibration testing, we simulate the conditions your products may encounter in distribution and carrier supply chains. This ensures the utmost quality and durability of your packaging, providing you with peace of mind.

Expert Packaging Engineer Consultants

During our initial discovery meeting with you, we dive deep into every aspect of your product, including your brand story, ethos, values, and mission. This in-depth understanding allows us to distill your unique identity into design ideas that truly reflect your brand.

Our seasoned packaging development engineers and graphic designers work closely with you to determine the ideal packaging design, considering factors such as materials, shape, structure, and graphic elements. We strive to find the perfect balance between practicality and aesthetics.

In our collaboration with MakeupDrop, an innovative cosmetics company, we envisioned a transparent packaging solution using a PET material. This choice not only creates an attractive visual effect when displayed on retail shelves but also captures customer attention in-store. If you’re looking for exceptional makeup packaging solutions, explore our dedicated service page to discover how we can assist you in achieving your packaging goals.

Our structural engineers invested countless hours in refining the packaging structure, meticulously creating a dieline for the PET box to ensure durability and functionality.

We opted for partial matte UV printing on the PET box surface, which created a visually captivating effect, making the product appear as though it’s floating in the center. To prevent the silicone applicator from absorbing odors, we sourced a low-odor PET.

Throughout the entire process, we maintained constant coordination among all stakeholders involved. By fostering effective collaboration, we successfully achieved a visually stunning packaging solution that not only represents their brand but also meets the logistical and storage requirements.

A 360° View of Your Projects

We’ve discussed a lot about the design process, but what about manufacturing and logistics? As a full-service packaging solutions provider, we leverage our packaging engineering services to gain the advantage of planning ahead of schedule. When we approach packaging design, we consider manufacturing feasibility, sustainability goals, and the logistical hurdles that a product might encounter.

Whether you’re looking to enter retail, e-commerce, or marketing-driven packaging, our manufacturing and logistics capabilities enable us to comply with specific channel requirements and maximize the potential of your product, reaching previously untapped audiences.

Gone are the days of extensive research on channel compliance guidelines and coordinating with multiple service providers to complete a project. With Zenpack, you can rely on us from start to finish.

Our massive material library is at your disposal, providing you access to everything from cutting-edge paper and textile options to sustainable biomaterials.

Our packaging manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001- and ISO 13001-certified, capable of handling your packaging demands at any volume. Our technicians keep these machines running smoothly to ensure no quality issues or delays.

Our advanced optimization software can figure out the most efficient way to arrange pallet loading, saving you time and money. With warehouses located throughout the center of Southeast Asia, and fulfillment centers on the East and West Coast, we can serve our clients with minimal communication delays.

Benefits of Hiring a Packaging Design Engineer

In today’s competitive market, packaging plays a crucial role in capturing consumers’ attention and ensuring the success of your product. At Zenpack, we offer comprehensive package design engineering services tailored to address your specific needs.

Our design engineering services prioritize product safety, cost efficiency, sustainability, and consumer appeal. Through a thorough analysis of your product, we create packaging that ensures safety, minimizes waste, and enhances the user experience. With access to internationally certified printing and production facilities and a global network of sustainable materials, we provide you with the necessary resources to excel.

With our factories strategically located at global materials crossroads, we streamline sourcing, saving time, money, and emissions. We have access to FSC Certified paper products that ensure a traceable, sustainable chain of custody. Furthermore, our relationships with fulfillment centers worldwide enable us to minimize shipping components and products, effectively contributing to a greener supply chain packaging strategy.

From ensuring safety and cost efficiency to capturing consumer appeal and addressing sustainability, our packaging engineer consultants are dedicated to exceeding your expectations.

From Consultation to Implementation

Imagine a streamlined service that takes you from rough sketches of ideas to project realization, all in one go. That’s the type of service we provide here at Zenpack. We start off by getting to know your product, your team, and your consumers. Once we get a picture of who you are and what you’re doing, we create multiple mood boards and sketches depicting different concepts and ideas.

You can then pick a design direction to move forward. Our packaging mockup software will turn these concepts into digital mockups. At any point in the process, if you wish to modify certain aspects of the design, our packaging engineers and graphic designers can quickly adjust dielines, colors, branding, and copy based on your feedback.

Once the mockup is finalized, we move on to the rapid prototyping phase, where an actual prototype is produced in as little as 24 hours. Our design lab is equipped with the Kongsberg X22 cutting table, allowing us to make precise cuts and perforations on your chosen material. Whether it is cardboard, foam, or even wood, we can explore innovative designs without compromising quality.

Sustainable and Cost-effective Solutions

Creating truly sustainable packaging solutions requires a comprehensive approach that considers every aspect of the supply chain. While choosing sustainable materials is important, it is just one piece of the puzzle. Our commitment to engineering sustainable and cost-effective packages sets us apart as a leader in the industry.

The first step towards sustainability is reducing packaging size and weight. Everything else comes second. By minimizing material usage, we can effectively reduce waste and energy consumption. Our structural engineers devise intelligent solutions to prevent the use of unsustainable cushioning materials while ensuring the package stays safe and intact.

Another aspect that is often overlooked is printing efficiency. Oftentimes, manufacturers fail to keep the machines calibrated or maintained, causing high failure rates and inconsistencies. Since we are G7 Certified for color consistency, we can ensure accurate prints and greater efficiency, no matter the scale.

When it comes to shipping and fulfillment, our advanced pallet loading and shipper optimization software figures out the most efficient and cost-effective packaging solutions to load the pallet, ensuring optimal usage of the shipper containers. By reducing the number of shipments, we’re minimizing the energy consumption and emissions incurred by transportation.

Proximity in the supply chain is key. Since our factories are in the middle of a global materials crossroads, we save time, money, and emissions when finding the perfect substrate. By paying close attention to little details, we can make a significant impact on the overall carbon emission and provide more sustainable packaging solutions.

Chosen by the Best

One of our clients, a direct-to-consumer start-up specializing in functional kitchenware, was looking for ways to ship their fragile products internationally while minimizing environmental impact. They turned to Zenpack, known for its adept packaging engineering services, to develop an eco-friendly packaging solution that aligned with their core values and brand identity.

Zenpack responded by designing packaging using recyclable corrugated cardboard, a versatile and environmentally responsible material. The packaging design incorporated cardboard inserts to protect the nesting accessories within the all-in-one pan, glass drinkware, and porcelain dinnerware. This ensured the products’ safety while minimizing environmental waste.

To enhance the unboxing experience, Zenpack included a tear-strip for easy opening and discreet locking flaps to maintain a clean and cohesive package design. We used a kraft paper substrate to highlight the brand’s warm, earthy colors, providing an inviting introduction to the company’s culinary collection.

The collaboration resulted in reduced production and shipping costs while minimizing environmental impact. By embracing sustainable materials and intuitive design, they quickly gained recognition as an innovative brand that celebrates local artisans while incorporating eco-friendly practices. The packaging design not only protected the fragile cookware but also elevated the overall unboxing experience.

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