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Comprehensive Packaging Logistics Services

More than just a premium packaging company, we provide packaging logistics solutions on a global scale. We have Zenpack offices, manufacturing operations, and fulfillment facilities in North America, China, and Taiwan, in addition to warehouse and fulfillment partners throughout Southeast Asia and the world. Our logistics specialists have a combined 50 years of experience dealing with complex shipping and scheduling challenges. With these far-reaching resources, we support our clients by eliminating the hassles of logistics scheduling, fulfillment, and channel compliance.

Freight Solutions
Packaging Fulfillment
Channel Compliance

01. Freight Solutions

From our production line to yours, we oversee getting your packaging where it needs to be, on time. Specializing in freight and logistics services, we analyze master shippers, pallet loading, and container optimization to protect packaging while reducing costs. With our extensive network and connections to freight forwarders, customs brokers, and couriers throughout China and the United States, we find the best air freight and ocean freight prices to fit your packaging logistics needs. Once your products and packaging are unloaded by sea or air, we connect with local freight forwarders to quickly transport the goods to their destination.

From the pallet to the shipper to the destination, we prioritize efficient packaging logistics solutions. From the start of the design process, we optimize premium packaging solutions to cut down on shipping and packaging logistics costs usually encountered down the line. Our freight and logistics services use state-of-the-art pallet loading and shipper optimization software for efficiency and cost-effectiveness. As a packaging and logistics company, we have access to various packing options like lightweight shipper pallets, paper pallets, and wood crating. Our packaging solutions and logistics experts save you valuable time and money while safely sending your goods to their destination.

When time and options are limited, international freight can significantly impact any packaging project. The international shipping ecosystem can be a complicated network of unexpected problems affecting everyone. We analyze this ecosystem to explore every option—less than truckload (LTL), full container, expedited air freight—and build our shipping plans at the start of every project. By contracting our packaging logistics solutions you will be able to navigate the complexities of the international shipping landscape with confidence. Knowing that external factors can unexpectedly disrupt even the most secure plans, we monitor the market and pivot to get your packaging delivered to your fulfillment facility on time.

Your packaging logistics solution may include a final stop at an Amazon warehouse for delivery to the customer. Our comprehensive freight logistics services cover the groundwork with Amazon warehouses. In addition to optimizing packaging and management, we assist brands with Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) warehousing so they can focus on their sales instead. When importing products from overseas, we are experts in inventory arrangement and negotiating with Amazon to reduce high storage fees.

02. Packaging Fulfillment

Rather than outsourcing your packing logistics needs, rely on us as your resource to optimize freight and packaging. Understanding your packaging fulfillment goals early in the process leads to savings, but we can step-in at any moment to find the right fulfillment solution. In addition to our fulfillment warehouses in the center of Southeast Asia’s manufacturing hub, we have fulfillment centers in Los Angeles on the West Coast and the East Coast to better serve clients nationwide and beyond.

World map highlighting Zenpack's locations in San Jose, New York, Dongguan, Xiamen, and Taipei.
Zenpack's locations worldwide
World map highlighting Zenpack's locations in San Jose, New York, Dongguan, Xiamen, and Taipei.
Zenpack's locations worldwide

When you have multiple SKUs, package kitting requires substantial time and labor. Right from the design process, we recognize the importance of incorporating kitting as part of the overall packaging logistics solution. However, we can also meet your packaging needs wherever you are in the process. With packaging fulfillment centers in Southeast Asia and the United States, we can coordinate to help you reduce costs and manage volume surges.

Our fulfillment and packaging warehouses in the United States, China, and Taiwan serve as essential components of our logistics fulfillment services. Additionally, we offer just-in-time services (JIT) when logistics services don’t go according to plan. Our warehouses are climate controlled and centrally located in some of the world’s busiest manufacturing sectors. We coordinate with your network to find a convenient facility that can reduce shipping costs and save time.

Zenpack offers e-commerce packaging solutions that empower brands of all sizes and industries. Amidst the rise of e-commerce shopping, Zenpack has helped numerous brands launch their e-commerce packaging logistics strategies. From design and strategy to manufacturing and custom packaging logistics, we are experts in every step of the e-commerce packaging logistics process. Our fulfillment facilities in China and the United States focus on e-commerce packaging, and we’re flexible to work with projects of any size. In the last mile, we take advantage of our discounted rates with international and domestic shipping companies like FedEx, UPS, and DHL. Have a look at our Case Studies page to learn more about our packaging projects, including startups that have become thriving e-commerce businesses.

Zenpack e-commerce packaging box for Crown Affair, showcasing custom packaging logistics solutions.
Zenpack's custom packaging logistics helped brands llike Crown Affair.
Zenpack e-commerce packaging box and product for Crown Affair, demonstrating effective packaging logistics.
Zenpack's packaging logistics for Crown Affair, ensuring secure and attractive e-commerce packaging.

03. Channel Compliance

We connect your products to a whole new audience with our tailored packaging and freight logistics services . Our channel compliance distribution consultants regularly work with clients in the North American market to expand their e-commerce reach and retail footprint. We’ve helped clients optimize packaging, develop their strategies, navigate software integration, and build strong relationships with retailers including Amazon, QVC, Fry’s, Walmart, Costco, and Best Buy.

Tailored packaging for gaming peripherals, showcasing Zenpack's packaging logistics services.
Zenpack's packaging logistics for hair styling products, featuring tailored packaging solutions

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