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Million-dollar Kickstarter & Indiegogo campaign needed a total package solution

Zenpack produced a well-designed package for Knocki’s breakout product that merged minimal style with complex structural engineering.

The Problem

Knocki is an innovative tech product that allows users to control the devices around them by simply knocking or tapping. This flat, circular device had to be packaged in a way that would ensure instant recognition when opened. The client wanted an impressive, retail-ready package with high-end, clean looks both inside and out that would make investors proud and attract new customers.

The Outcome

Zenpack built a package that doubles as a presentation platform, showcasing the centered Knocki product facing upwards. Each layer of the package protects the product and accessories during transit, and creates a seamless and intuitive unboxing experience. The final result is a consumer electronics packaging design with clean lines and a unique shape.

Knocki premium total packaging solution


The most challenging step in this project was devising engineered packaging solutions that would allow for proper product positioning. The Zenpack team had to find a way for the product to be immediately visible to consumers upon opening—without any obscuring wrapping. Due to the Knocki device’s smooth edges, there was no easy way to secure it within the box. Our designers tried using different materials for the insert to keep the product centered without rotating, while still remaining protected enough to pass the drop test.

As a successful startup, Knocki wanted packaging that was retail shelf-ready. And while the company is relatively young, they wanted to project a mature and professional image. It also had to meet Apple’s specific retail requirements in order to be approved for sale in their retail stores.

The Knocki unboxing experience
Knocki items organized outside the packaging
Knocki package detail


Zenpack’s design team decided on paper-based materials and a molded PET cover. The accessory and product tray affixed directly to the base of the box, and the PET cover prevented the Knocki from getting scratched on top. The paper-wrapped PET tray held the product firmly in place and prevented rotating inside the box during transit. And the exterior was just as practical: a rigid box fitted with a sliding sleeve that gave the package a clean look while providing a premium unboxing experience.

Knocki packaging design process
Creating the luxury packaging that was retail ready for Knocki
Knocki package items being showcased


Knocki raised over a million dollars in investment money from Kickstarter and Indigogo supporters. Zenpack’s completely customized structural package solution impressed the first round of customers, garnering good reviews, while also achieving channel compliance that helped Knocki speed-up their partnership with various retail channels. Zenpack is always proud to be a part of their clients’ results and privileged to be chosen as a partner for leading product companies.

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