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E-commerce Packaging Solutions

We Take E-commerce Packaging to the Next Level

As e-commerce becomes the default channel for consumers across the globe to find their favorite brands, companies are turning to online stores in hopes of capitalizing on new-found audiences.

But running an online business is not quite the same as traditional retail stores. It calls for a different mindset as consumers’ first physical exposure to your product often happens after their purchase.

There are risks in the click-to-consumer journey, and every e-commerce brand should factor these in. Zenpack’s specialists can help you optimize or rebuild your packaging strategy to leave an everlasting impression on your customers. From design and structural engineering to fulfillment, our e-commerce packaging solutions provide the complete package so that your product can arrive at the consumer’s doorstep in prime condition.

Fast Prototyping and Product Mockups

Managing an ever-changing e-commerce business requires agility and improvisation. Policy changes and iterative product updates could happen constantly. To tackle these scenarios, Zenpack offers highly dynamic packaging design mockup solutions, allowing you, the client, to visualize the design, test ideas, catch errors, and accelerate the execution.

We can work closely with you to discover different options and concepts. Once you decide on a direction, we can transform these preliminary illustrations into 3D mockups where you can view the packaging design from all types of angles.

Thanks to our packaging engineers and the Kongsberg X22 cutting table, we can turn 3D mockups into rapid prototypes in as little as 24 hours.

We take pride in being a sustainable packaging company, evaluating every step in the packaging design process to reduce our carbon footprint.

Our team of structural engineers is dedicated to creating innovative solutions that balance material reduction with optimal protection, eliminating the reliance on plastic bubble wrap. Our materials are predominantly recycled content, and we have access to FSC Certified paper products that ensure a traceable, responsible, and sustainable approach throughout the procurement process.

Your Brand at the Center

Here at Zenpack, collaboration is our recipe for excellence. We can work with your ongoing design process, or start from scratch, developing strategy, structure, and content tailored to your e-commerce brand.

In the case of the cosmetic brand MakeupDrop, the client needed a packaging design that put their products front and center while offering full transparency to consumers before making their purchase decision. Our design team came up with a solution of using matte UV printing on one side of the PET packaging and keeping the other side completely clear.

The end result is a package that shows the product floating in the center, offering an unobstructed view of the content inside. Our packaging engineers and creative strategists can work closely with you to deliver innovative concepts designed to turn heads and generate buzz at customers’ doorsteps.

As a full-service packaging solution company, we can also assist with technical manual copywriting, illustration, and graphic design, establishing your brand identity from every imaginable aspect.

Packaging for E-commerce Products in Various Industries

When we’re designing packaging for e-commerce businesses, we consider mass production capabilities and assembly simplicity early in the design and prototyping phase to help facilitate and expedite your logistic and fulfillment process.

We have extensive experience working with products spanning different industries. From cosmetic packaging (T3 Micro) and digital healthcare (Roman Health) to food & beverages (Olive Oil Jones) and home appliances packaging (Drinkworks).

Specifically, in our collaboration with hair product brand Crown Affair, we were challenged with potentially costly shipping fees due to size variation between products. We were able to come up with special inserts to accommodate different products and hold any combination of products.

Crown Affair can now quickly adapt to new products without making big changes. Our team can provide unmatched expertise to best showcase your products the way you intend them to be, regardless of what product you’re selling.

A Relentless Focus on Sustainable Packaging for E-commerce

Considering the booming growth of online stores, many platforms are implementing standards and guidelines to reduce environmental impact. E-commerce giant Amazon introduced the Frustration-Free Packaging Program (AFFP) in 2019 to eliminate waste, improve cost-effectiveness for manufacturers, and make packaging easier to open while ensuring that products arrive on the doorsteps of customers undamaged. Eco-friendly packaging for e-commerce sites is in high demand.

Here at Zenpack, sustainable and eco-friendly packaging has always been at the core of our operations. Our experienced team of designers and engineers is well-versed in navigating through the AFFP guidelines. Our ISTA-certified labs can test the integrity and performance of your packaging.

Whether you’re shipping through Amazon or other e-commerce platforms, we can meet you where you are in the design process and create the exact e-commerce product packaging design that fits your needs.

Case Study: Packaging for an Online Business

Brooklyn Robot Foundry is a physical space and online platform where children are given the opportunity to learn basic STEAM concepts through hands-on robot-building. When COVID-19 struck, they had to pivot their plan to offer more online classes for kids located throughout the country. They contacted Zenpack in hopes of reaching a wider audience through at-home education.

We started with a complete rebrand, including logos, colors, fonts, copywriting, brand identity, and original robot illustrations.

Every week, we collaborated with BRF to learn about their process and e-commerce goals. We created an exterior sticker labeling system for smooth and efficient fulfillment. Each side of the box tells a chapter in the story, and each layer offers an activity or directions. Since the sticker area is designed into the print, the team only needs to print new stickers when a class or robot is added to the curriculum.

The packages are eco-friendly, designed for limitless content combinations, and feature built-in tools to incorporate the box into every project. Our e-commerce packaging solution helped Brooklyn Robot Foundry introduce robot building to a new audience across North America.

From Manufacturing to Logistics

E-commerce packaging design can vary drastically depending on the size, weight, and characteristics of the product. At Zenpack, we have a full team of structural engineers, graphic designers, and creative strategists dedicated to building your e-commerce packaging design strategy. We can design logos, build style guides & websites, and provide creative strategies for brands of any size. Our premium packaging design services and market insight allow us to provide agency-quality design with an unmatched packaging background.

Packaging for online businesses is more than just a cardboard box. Each product needs a unique set of solutions, which may require innovative dielines, special materials, or state-of-the-art printing techniques. We have access to everything you need to produce packaging that stands out. Zenpack specializes in sustainable packaging for e-commerce, but we also produce and source all types of containers, materials, labels, and instruction manuals that are included in typical e-commerce packages. If we can’t produce it, we’ll connect you with valued partners.

We specialize in protection, fulfillment, and building an intelligent e-commerce shipping strategy. Even during our concept and design phase, logistics takes center stage to ensure cost-efficient fulfillment and shipping. Our packaging engineers work closely with our logistics team to determine the best materials for the journey. They design cost-efficient solutions that align with your sustainability goals and fulfillment action plan. Is your product made in Southeast Asia, fulfilled in the United States, and shipped all over the world? We can create an efficient logistics plan to optimize fulfillment time and minimize shipping costs.

Work with the Best

We are a full-service packaging agency with a focus on sustainability. We have deep knowledge in creating custom packaging for e-commerce products, among other industries. Our team of experts has extensive experience in design, production, and logistics. Our printing technology is certified to the highest standards, and we use eco-friendly materials whenever possible. We offer tailored packaging solutions for items of any size and type.

We create customized packaging for online stores that meets your specific needs and exceeds your expectations. We take into account the unique demands of e-commerce fulfillment and work fluidly to accommodate changes. Whether you need just a few boxes or a large shipment, our team of experts will work with you to find the best solution. We invest all of our resources and expertise into ensuring that our clients receive the highest quality packaging, including tailored packaging solutions for small businesses.

We Work to Make Your Packages Premium

Our team of experts includes structural engineers, graphic designers, creative strategists, printing and manufacturing technicians, and project managers with a diverse geographic presence across the United States, China, and Taiwan. This enables us to effectively navigate the complexities of supply chains and time zones to deliver premium packaging solutions. Our extensive experience in the industry has equipped us with the skills to tackle projects ranging from e-commerce packaging for startups to large-scale custom internet store packaging projects.

At Zenpack, we believe that packaging is more than just a protective cover, it’s an extension of your brand. Our talented design team can work closely with you to extract your brand’s essence and translate it into a unique packaging design that protects the product.

Our team is committed to delivering luxury and premium packaging solutions to meet your needs, no matter how complex or challenging the project may be.

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