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Vitamin and Supplement Packaging Design Services

unboxed custom supplement packaging produced by Zenpack for Roman Health
unboxed custom supplement packaging produced by Zenpack for Roman Health

Custom Supplement Packaging Based on Your Branding and Messaging

5 different supplement packaging designs made for Etain

Millions of people are turning to digital healthcare as a simple way to receive health and vitamin supplements. Having quality e-commerce packaging solutions is crucial in building trust with your customers, especially since a supplement package on the doorstep may be their only physical brand experience.

5 different supplement packaging designs made for Etain

Whether you need packaging for store shelves, e-commerce or both, we can design and produce custom supplement packaging to fulfill your customers’ needs. While e-commerce is second nature for most people, they may be hesitant to order potentially sensitive or perishable products online. As a supplement packaging company, our goal is to elevate your messaging and mission through thoughtfully designed supplement box packaging. Professionally engineered packaging, quality materials, and clever branding—in other words, good packaging design—helps you establish a relationship with customers. When the packaging is as good as the products inside, customers know they can trust your brand to deliver.

Vitamin and supplement brands usually offer a variety of products, or an assortment of targeted formulations designed for individual needs. Each order can be vastly different from the next. That’s why forecasting every possible fulfillment situation is essential to our design process. Our philosophy, as a sustainable packaging design agency, is to create the most efficient, cost-effective packages using eco-friendly materials. These designs need to be suitable for both one-time orders and ongoing subscriptions. Ultimately, we weigh all the factors to create a perfect balance between efficient fulfillment, true-to-brand messaging, eco-friendly materials, and cost savings.

Regulation-compliant Custom Vitamin Packaging

Vitamins and nutritional supplement packaging require specific types of design to preserve freshness and quality. These increasingly popular products come in many different forms—liquid, powder, capsule, pill—and it’s essential to choose the best packaging for the product. Consider the following questions when building your supplement and vitamin packaging strategy.

person opening up roman health's supplement package

Your customers likely have diverse needs and active lifestyles. They might take their supplements at home or on-the-go, post-workout or in the airport boarding area. We have access to a variety of containers to meet these custom vitamin packaging needs, including supplement containers such as protective glass bottles, plastic tubs, and tear-away single-use packets, to name a few options.

From the factory to your customers’ doorsteps, nutritional supplements and vitamin packaging needs to protect your products from the elements. We work with you to determine the best food-safe liners, barriers, and materials to keep your products protected.

California leads the way in child-resistant packaging, and over the years we’ve become experts in the field. We even developed our own sustainable child-resistant mechanism for the cannabis industry called Zenlock. We also provide every type of resealable and tamper-proof container available. Our pharmaceutical packaging design also takes that into consideration.

Eco-friendly packaging for supplements helps the planet and your business, but in a regulated industry, finding the balance between sustainability and brand goals can be difficult. Fortunately, there are many ways to minimize your carbon footprint, from biodegradable supplement packaging and efficient structural engineering to consolidating fulfilment to reduce transit time and fuel costs.

The nutrition and supplement industry continues to grow at an impressive rate. With rapid growth comes imitators and bad actors. We have integrated packaging solutions to protect your brand, including supplement label design, digitally printed bar codes and track & trace technology.

We Are More than a Supplement Design Company

Designer scrutinizing package design blueprints on a computer screen

As a creative design agency, we focus on developing nutritional supplement brands. Whether you’re an emerging microbrand or an established company ready for a rebrand, Zenpack can work with you at any step of the process. Our team of creative strategists, graphic designers, copywriters, structural engineers, and 3D designers has wide-ranging experience working with major brands throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia. Check out our packaging design services page to learn more about our capabilities.

Workers operating large blue printing machinery for package manufacturing in an industrial facility.

In addition to the shipping and exterior packaging, we produce and print all types of custom dietary supplement packaging. Paperboard, cardboard, plastic, glass, foil-lined tearaway packets, resealable containers—whichever material and substrate your project requires. We also source hard-to-find accessories, integrating the branding and messaging to complete the packaging story. When you work with Zenpack, you have access to our international supply chain and award-winning manufacturing team.

Conveyor system moving boxes within a packaging logistics warehouse with storage racks in the background.

Fulfillment and shipping can make or break a vitamin packaging plan. Our logistics strategy begins at the design phase where our expert engineers create versatile, cost-saving dielines. Next, we use sensible supplement packaging materials to protect and preserve the products in transit. Wherever your packages go, our logistics experts determine intelligent fulfillment action plans, and if necessary, assist with channel compliance. Check out our packaging logistics solutions to see how Zenpack can help you complete your packaging journey.

The Process Behind Our Supplement Packaging Design

Understand Your Goals

At the start of every project, we sit down to collaborate with your team. We analyze your quantities, the products’ destination, material requests, and branding. Above all, we’re looking to answer this question: What sets your brand apart from competitors? Currently, nutritional supplements and vitamins is one of the fastest growing industries; distinguishing yourself from the crowd is essential. How can we further elevate an already great product through structure, graphics, and messaging?

Build a Dynamic Packaging Strategy

Once we understand your goals, we get to work designing the structure and graphics. As one of the leading supplement packaging manufacturers, we utilize our industry knowledge across departments and time zones to formulate a dynamic packaging strategy. The unboxing experience is never ignored—it’s at the forefront of everything we do. As the strategy nears completion, our packaging prototyping team creates white box samples, which are then modified based on your feedback.

Produce and Deliver

Dielines complete, materials sourced, timeline set—our network of factories is ready to now produce and print. Our project managers integrate the packaging fulfillment and logistics plan according to your schedule. From there, we adjust to inconsistencies and changes, always seeking to improve the strategy. Continued collaboration is essential to this process, especially during periods of growth or fluctuation.


Custom Supplement Packaging Case Study

custom vitamin packaging designed by Zenpack for Etain

Founded in 2015 in Upstate New York, Etain produces carefully formulated CBD and THC products for medical and recreational cannabis users. They offer an innovative and accessible product line—from flower and capsules to lotions and lozenges—out of their four dispensaries located throughout the state. With recreational legalization on the horizon, Etain reached out to Zenpack for new custom supplement packs to match their rebrand. The relationship bloomed into a multi-year partnership when Zenpack started sourcing secondary packaging and improving operations, helping Etain present cannabis as new tool in the wellness and nutritional supplements industry.

custom vitamin packaging designed by Zenpack for Etain

The company’s philosophy and slogan, Take a Moment, powered our packaging journey. We took our time to develop and prototype sound structural engineering to complement the new branding, and then consolidated operations to source additional parts and materials at affordable prices.

The resulting supplement packaging strategy combines premium materials and thoughtful details just in time for the wellness brand to support a rapidly growing community.

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