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Why Premium Brands Need Premium Packaging Design

Packaging is like the first date: No matter how charming a person you are on the inside, you want to look your best. Packaging serves as your first contact with a potential customer; it’s your chance to stand out from the competition and leave a lasting impression.

Our team of packaging experts offers packaging design services that bring out the best you have to offer. From graphic design and material selection to structural engineering and printing methods, every detail of a package can be customized and adjusted to your brand’s style.

When we design packaging with you, we also consider factors that could impact your budget and the environment in the long term. We make sure that the design is feasible to produce on a large scale while minimizing the impact on the planet.

Innovative and Thoughtful Packaging Design Services

Our packaging engineering services start from your customer’s point of view: the look, the feel, and the unboxing experience. No matter how your product is being delivered, how large it is, or how delicate, our packaging design services create packaging that’s both practical and impressive. You deserve a premium packaging solution.

Throughout our premium box packaging design process, we consider every moment in a package’s lifespan, ensuring that we deliver cost-effective package design solutions while creating a premium packaging design strategy that’s unique and sustainable. Manufacturing and shipping feasibility are essential to the process, and our production and logistics experts work closely with our designers every step of the way. Ultimately, we design packaging to elevate your product.

What We Provide

Brand Packaging Design
Structural Engineering
Graphic Design for Packages
Rapid Prototyping
Sustainable Packaging Design
Luxury Box Packaging Design

01. Brand Packaging Design

Every product needs a comprehensive packaging design strategy. As part of Zenpack’s brand packaging design services, our team of graphic designers and creative strategists is here to develop an all-encompassing strategy for any product line. Just as packaging comes in many shapes and sizes, our product packaging designers come with diverse design experience and specialize in luxury brand packaging design. Depending on your project needs, we can work with you at any juncture in the design process, from product naming, concept strategy, brand & logo design, and market research to color matching, material selection, and print processes. We’re here to help you develop your brand story.

02. Structural Engineering

At Zenpack, we believe the yin and yang of packaging is durability and the unboxing experience. Rather than contrary forces, these two features guide the ideation process. They determine the materials, design, and manufacturing techniques needed to achieve the original concept. It’s an engineered balance yielding top packaging design that not only stands up to the demands of manufacturing and transportation, but also arrives on store shelves and the customer doorstep ready to deliver an unforgettable unboxing experience.

In our packaging engineering services, we take pride in working with a diverse range of materials. This includes traditional options like corrugated cardboard, paper, and molded pulp, as well as innovative eco-friendly sources such as recycled ocean bound plastic and biodegradable foam. Send us a message at to request a Zenpack Material Swatch Kit. If there’s a special material you can’t find in the kit, our material experts are sure to source it.

03. Graphic Design for Packages

Whether it’s your first experience trying packaging design services, or your company has its own package design department, we’re here to meet your needs. Edges, corners, innovative materials, and new printing methods may present fresh challenges to your graphic approach. Our packaging graphic designers specialize in creating powerful visuals, logos, and packaging design mockups that work with your specifications and align with your brand style. We can extend your style guide to package collateral such as quick start guides & manuals, inserts, bags & pouches, stickers, and booklets.

If your brand has its own graphic designers with high-end packaging design experience, we can provide custom packaging dielines and advise your team to ensure perfectly executed prints.

packages designed for aura
can designed by Zenpack

04. Rapid Prototyping

Today’s idea becomes tomorrow’s prototype. As a packaging design company, we are equipped with the cutting-edge ESKO Kongsberg X22 cutting table, we can produce and ship rapid prototypes so that you can feel something in your hands almost immediately. Most packaging manufacturers need multiple days or weeks to produce a rapid prototype, but with the Kongsberg centrally located in our Design Lab, we’re ready to cut and fold at a moment’s notice.

We love experimenting, and the Kongsberg allows us to explore and further develop interesting rapid prototyping for packaging designs without compromising quality. That means your products go into production faster, and hit the shelves sooner.

zenpack banner

05. Sustainable Packaging Design

We’re experts in building sustainable packaging solutions. Just as the world’s climate issues require a multifaceted approach, to create sustainable packaging, we evaluate every step in our packaging design solutions to reduce your carbon footprint. Starting with design, our structural engineers devise intelligent solutions to reduce materials while maximizing protection without the need for plastic bubble wrap. We utilize FSC Certified and pre- and post-consumer recycled paper, as well as cutting edge sustainable materials. Just a few of the materials we enjoy working with:

  • Ocean Plastic Textiles
  • Washable Kraft Paper
  • Biodegradable Trays
  • 100% Recycled Paperboard
  • FSC Certified Cardboard
  • Tyvek
  • Child-resistant Bottles, Boxes & Containers

06. Luxury Box Packaging Design

Premium package design doesn’t have to be a fancy box with expensive flourishes (although we can do that too). We believe the details are what makes a high-end packaging design, whether it’s a limited edition influencer package or a well-designed corrugated cardboard shipper. As a packaging design services provider, we specialize in engineering simple yet memorable features designed to add chapters to the product story.

Our luxury product packaging designs are the result of a comprehensive packaging experience that puts the customer first. And with the right strategy, premium box packaging design can be affordable without compromising packaging durability or unboxing.

package designed with a screen inside
Zenpack's T3 package design

Frequently Asked Questions

Package design started out as a way to protect and inform buyers about the contents within. Depending on the product type, a standard package would typically be crafted from cardboard, plastic, or a combination of both, and would include all the necessary information about the product.

However, over time, package design has evolved into an effective marketing tool for brands to distinguish themselves. At Zenpack, we specialize in creating unique packaging designs that not only safeguard the product but also add a special flair to its presentation.

Package design is crucial, as it can drastically improve your chances of being noticed, allowing you to stand out from the competition. Furthermore, good package design takes sustainability and logistics into account, ensuring efficient transportation while minimizing environmental impact.

Another aspect in which package design plays a role is channel and regulatory compliance. Adhering to regulations and standards ensures that your products meet specific legal and safety requirements.

Our experienced team of packaging engineers, graphic designers, and creative strategists work together to create one-of-a-kind package design.

If you have your own graphic designer, or you have an idea of what style you’re aiming for, we can provide custom packaging dielines guidance to ensure smooth printing.

Our collaboration begins with a discovery meeting to ensure that we have a clear understanding of your brand’s objectives, your product’s purpose, and what it represents. This process allows us to create mood boards and sketches that truly reflect your brand. Once you decide on a direction, we transform these preliminary concepts into 3D mockups. You’ll be able to review the mockups and offer feedback.

To get your packaging project started, we may require you to provide the following:

Your Goals: Depending on where you sell or who the product is meant for, we will have a drastically different approach to designing your packaging. A retail package might focus more on presentation and communicating information, while with e-commerce products, we might be taking a closer look at channel compliance regulations and how to reduce logistics costs.

Product Samples (Accessories included): In the initial planning, a CAD drawing of your product is a good start if your product is still in development. Having a working sample or final production unit would vastly improve our ability to provide a realistic packaging mockup. To ensure proper fitting and product safety, we will require clients to provide their actual product, as well as all the accessories and user manuals that come with it.

Product Information: Clear and concise product information can expedite the time your consumers take to understand the core features of your product. Product information may also include certifications, brand logos, or UPC numbers, depending on your sales channel or logistic regulations.

Budget & Sales Forecast: Having an estimated sales number and budget allows us to plan production ahead and more efficiently allocate resources to meet your specific demand. We can also provide you with accurate cost estimates and explore opportunities for alternative materials or production methods that can save costs.

Brand Style Guide: To ensure our package design remains consistent with your brand style, we’d typically recommend brands provide their own style guide. If you don’t have a brand style guide yet, that’s okay too. We’ll assist you in creating one.

Logistics Information: Depending on your chosen fulfillment method (sea or air) and the package destination (e.g., retail, e-commerce warehouse, etc.), we may implement different strategies to ensure the most efficient and cost-effective delivery of your products.

If your product includes multiple components or accessories, we may incorporate a kitting process to reduce fulfillment costs and save inventory space.

Additional information may be required depending on the type and scale of the project. The more complete information you have, the better we can ensure that the end result matches your desired outcome.

Logo and packaging design go hand in hand. It is vital for the success of your brand. A logo visually represents and communicates your brand’s essence. It serves as your brand’s visual identity, making an immediate and lasting impression on consumers.

A logo also helps differentiate you from a crowded marketplace. Your logo should be placed throughout your marketing materials to strengthen your brand’s identity. A well-nurtured brand becomes a symbol of trust and loyalty, influencing consumer purchasing decisions.

When we consider a great package design, we ask ourselves the following questions: Does it effectively present the product while conveying the brand’s identity? Can it deliver essential information without causing confusion? Does it protect the contents without compromising aesthetics?

An exceptional package design is a blend of art and functionality, incorporating various essential elements to create an effective and compelling product presentation. The packaging should be an extension of the product, captivating consumers’ attention though engaging colors, images, creative copy, and graphics.

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