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Industry-leading Packaging Consultant Services

Our consulting services for the packaging industry offer insights into various fields such as packaging design, environmental impacts, distribution, packaging engineering, and emerging materials.

We have a global network of experts in all facets of product packaging to guide you along the way, ensuring regulatory compliance and sustainable business practices, and helping you achieve your desired goals.

By collaborating with an industry leader, we can help you identify the weak links in your packaging strategy and provide tried-and-true methods to address your challenges.

Whether it’s reducing production costs, enhancing package protection, or optimizing your logistics, our extensive knowledge in the industry is at your disposal.

Why Choose Zenpack for Packaging Consultancy?

As a full-service premium packaging company, we offer a wide range of packaging consulting services to assist you in every step of the process. We help you eliminate the guesswork and deliver results that speak for your brand.

Our clients span a wide range of business sectors, including pharmaceuticals, e-commerce, food and beverage, beauty & cosmetics, cannabis, home appliances, and most recently, dental industry.

We are confident that our packaging consultancy covers any hurdles you may encounter along the way, including strategic analysis, material selection, channel and regulation compliance, package safety and performance testing, and distribution.

1. Sustainable Packaging Consultants

Sustainable packaging has always been one of Zenpack’s core values, underlining our commitment to expert packaging consulting. From the very beginning, we collaborate with your team to imagine a design based on your goals and values. We listen to your needs and provide sustainable packaging solutions that best complement your product.

As your sustainable packaging consultants, when we partner with you, we conduct a thorough sustainability assessment to gain a comprehensive overview of your current packaging status. This assessment includes, but is not limited to package material, logistics, assembly, fulfillment processes, and storage arrangement. We consider the bigger picture to identify potential areas for improvement. We firmly believe that sustainable packaging must make a comprehensive effort to reduce the carbon footprint and material usage.

We are an FSC-certified paper packaging manufacturer, so when it comes to paper-based materials, we have access to the gold standard in paper products harvested form responsibly managed forests. We frequently use FSC-certified recycled paper and other cutting-edge materials, and we know how to cut down on waste and emissions to help you reach your sustainability goals.

Reducing the size and weight of your packaging can contribute significantly to waste reduction, in addition to material changes. Through our packaging engineering services, our expert structural engineers are well-versed in finding the optimal structural integrity while using minimal materials.

2. Strategic Packaging Audits

How do you make sure the packaging that you’ve outsourced to an overseas manufacturer meets your expectations? How can you be certain that your boxes can withstand the arduous journey and make it safely in your customers’ hands? What steps can you take to ensure your packaging complies with ISTA standards?

Here at Zenpack, we might just have the answers you’re looking for. Our packaging consultancy offers exclusive industry insights and practices, helping you assess your packaging design against your own objectives.

Taking advantage of internal testing and ISTA-certified labs, we can identify the potential failure points in your packaging. We conduct a series of tests to simulate real-world conditions, including free-fall drop tests and vibration tests, ensuring a safe journey through distribution and carrier supply chains.

We’ll also be taking a deeper look at your distribution chain, where we can identify savings opportunities throughout the delivery journey, from manufacturing to last-mile delivery.

3. GTM Plans and Roadmaps

Launching any product, regardless of scale, is a significant investment. However, the competition moves at an extremely rapid pace. A go-to-market (GTM) plan becomes vital when you’re stepping into an unexplored territory.

It ensures that the various teams within your organization are aligned with the same objectives and strategies, so you can take everything into account and avoid costly mistakes.

With our packaging consultant services, we leverage decades of industry experience to provide you with a realistic market plan and product roadmap tailored to your brand’s success. We have worked with clients coming from vastly different industries, allowing us to quickly identify key milestones, timelines, and target audiences, and provide market and promotion plans, risk analysis, and other valuable insights.

4. Packaging Efficiency Reports

Packaging is an integral part of your product as it affects not only the product quality and safety but also customer satisfaction and loyalty. But how do you determine if your packaging operations and logistics are effective and efficient?

Our packaging efficiency report is a key aspect of our packaging consulting, designed to tackle that question. We thoroughly assess your packaging design, exploring the various parameters of your packaging, and delve into other critical aspects such as logistics, production, and materials. We look for ways to optimize the production process while cutting costs.

Through various tests and feedback from our package design experts, we can evaluate the strength, durability, protection, usability, and attractiveness of your packaging. Furthermore, we examine your quality control procedures to ensure the consistency and reliability of your packaging throughout the process.

Packaging storage is another step in the process that is often overlooked. Every square inch of your shipping container counts. But in order to maximize a pallet, you can’t simply rely on human judgment.

Our intelligent pallet loading software is a key part of our packaging logistics solution, designed to send more packages in a single load, thereby reducing freight costs and increasing savings.

5. New Product Introduction

When developing a product, companies invest a significant amount of time and resources in design and conceptualization. Oftentimes, packaging is an afterthought.

But the reality is, people do judge books by their cover. Developing custom packaging for a new product can be just as challenging as creating the product itself.

There’s so much more to packaging than meets the eye. Our packaging consulting services will guide you through a series of steps to create packaging that speaks for your brand and leaves a lasting impression on your customers.

We will work alongside you to craft a compelling narrative and develop a robust packaging strategy for your product. Throughout the process, we will assist in determining the ideal packaging type, structural design, and artwork.

Utilizing our advanced packaging design mockup solutions and rapid prototyping services, you can experiment with various design concepts prior to mass production, giving you a realistic expectation of the final package.

6. Fractional CPO / CSCO Consultants

Without industry insights and experience, jumping straight into developing a new product can be a daunting task. Our fractional chief product officer, or CPO, goes beyond traditional consulting to become an integral part of your team, providing executive level management for your product packaging strategies and execution.

With our proven methods in package engineering, we can help you avoid costly mistakes, minimize your initial investment, and accelerate the development of your packaging.

If you already have an existing packaging system, our Chief Supply Chain Officer, or CSCO, along with our team of packaging professionals, can evaluate your design and devise new ways to optimize it.

By reducing the size and weight of your packaging, streamlining production processes, and enhancing the overall design, we can help you achieve cost savings and improve supply chain performance.

If your business is looking to expand beyond retail, you’re going to need someone who’s familiar with the rules and regulations of e-commerce business.

Our CSCO consultant can offer expert advice in transport packaging solutions, helping your business develop packaging that adheres to the certification stipulated by Amazon, such as Frustration-Free Packaging (FFP), Ships-in-Own Container (SIOC), and more.

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