Lora DiCarlo

Reimagining packaging for a company that’s redefining an industry
After making waves at CES 2019, the sexual wellness brand teamed-up with Zenpack to unveil their extended line of products at CES 2020.
The Problem
Lora DiCarlo not only debuted the Osé personal massager at CES 2019, but was also awarded the coveted Innovation Award from the Consumer Technology Association in the robotics and drones category. Despite the success, the CTA later revoked the award, claiming that sexual health products weren’t included in the competition. After massive online support for gender equity in tech, the award was reinstated and CES has allowed sexual tech on the showroom floor for the first time in its history. Elegant, minimalist and inspired by human movement, the Osé had already generated international buzz, but the company’s extended line needed comprehensive packaging that showcased the product design and core brand values.
The Outcome
Just in time for CES 2020, the updated suite of packaging features eco-friendly materials and form-fitting inserts, putting the products front and center for an improved unboxing experience.
After establishing the Osé and paving the way for the sexual wellness industry, Lora DiCarlo needed Zenpack to redesign their first generation packaging on a short timeline leading up to CES 2020. Zenpack embarked on a two-week design challenge to ensure Lora DiCarlo had premium packaging to match their long-anticipated return to the nation’s leading consumer tech trade show.

Despite the shortened timeline, Zenpack needed to address major challenges with the original packaging while scaling up for new products. Lora DiCarlo now had a suite of three products and was looking to elevate the unboxing experience beginning with premium and eco-friendly materials.

In the previous packaging, the user manual covered the Osé, resulting in a cluttered interior and less-than-exciting first encounter with such a personal product. Lora DiCarlo intitally tried a molded paper pulp, but the insert tended to shred and bleed black ink onto the product. Zenpack had to find a way to spotlight the personal massagers while discretely securing the manual and accessories.
Delivering on the company’s commitment to eco-friendly packaging, Zenpack used washable kraft paper for the printed exterior and created a carrying pouch made from marine recycled fabric. The branded pull tab is easy to open and cuts down on extra materials like tape.

For a better unboxing experience, Zenpack designed a deeper, form-fitting soft-touch polystyrene insert and a separate accessory and product manual insert. The contents remain secure during transport, ensuring that customers are presented with beautifully designed products upon opening.
During the Osé package redesign, Zenpack conducted a proportion study on the new products—Baci and Onda—to ensure brand consistency across the family of packages. Lora DiCarlo was able to return to CES with their first packaging prototypes, prominently featured on a Zenpack-designed display system.
After the Baci and Onda won the Innovation Awards at CES 2020, Lora DiCarlo experienced a major boost in sales. Zenpack responded in stride, seamlessly ramping up production and helping the company reach a global audience.

The scalable packaging system is made possible by dedicated production lines designed to increase quantities and adapt to new product releases. As one of the leading direct to consumer sexual wellness brands, Lora DiCarlo frequently sells out of their products, and the company continues to expand their offerings to a diverse group of customers.
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