We create and engineer packaging from your customer’s point of view: the look, the feel, and the unboxing experience.
No matter how your product is being delivered, how large it is, or how delicate, we’ll design packaging that’s both practical and impressive.
01. Package Branding
Every product needs a packaging strategy. Our team of designers is here to create an all-encompassing design strategy for any product line. Just as packaging comes in many shapes and sizes, our packaging experts come with diverse design experience. Depending on your project needs, we can work with you at any juncture in the design process, from product naming, concept strategy, and market research to color palettes, material selection, and print processes. We’re here to help you develop your brand story.
02. Structural Engineering
At Zenpack, we believe the yin and yang of packaging is durability and the unboxing experience. Rather than contrary forces, these two features guide the ideation process. They determine the materials, design, and manufacturing techniques needed to achieve the original concept. It’s an engineered balance yielding packaging that not only stands up to the demands of manufacturing and transportation, but also arrives on store shelves and the customer doorstep ready to deliver an unforgettable unboxing experience.
03. Graphic Design
Whether it’s your first experience with packaging or your company has its own package design department, we’re here to meet your needs. Edges, corners, innovative materials, and new printing methods may present fresh challenges to your graphic approach. Our graphic designers specialize in creating powerful visuals that work with your package specifications and align with your brand style.
04. Rapid Prototyping
Today’s idea becomes tomorrow’s prototype. Equipped with the cutting-edge ESKO Kongsberg X22 cutting table, we can produce and ship rapid prototypes so that you can feel something in your hands almost immediately. We love experimenting, and the Kongsberg allows us to explore and further develop interesting concepts without compromising quality. That means your products go into production faster, and hit the shelves sooner.