Our network of factories is ready to deliver your packaging from design to reality.
Get access to our top suppliers, international certified facilities, and skilled manufacturing teams.
01. Resource Management
As an international company, we’ve collected a massive library of materials, and we’re always on the hunt for the latest in cutting-edge materials technology. Rather than tracking down your own materials vendors, you have access to our library, which includes everything from endless paper and textile options to sustainable biomaterials. We’re here to leverage our global network of suppliers to find the right materials for your project at prices that fit your budget.
02. Manufacturing
We operate five ISO 9001- and ISO 14001-certified factories, each with the most specialized equipment to handle your packaging demands at any volume. Since we are G7 Certified for color consistency, our state-of-the-art printing fleet produces accurate and brilliant colors every time. Our expert technicians keep these machines running smoothly, ensuring there are no delays, color imperfections, or quality issues.
03. Quality Control
Throughout the manufacturing process, we maintain on-site QC programs to ensure that every piece meets our standards. A key element of our QC initiative is a weekly audit evaluating everything from raw materials to the end of the assembly line. In addition to our rigorous internal standards, we are a globally recognized GMI Certified Printer. Graphic Measures International (GMI) is the packaging industry’s foremost performance certification organization that monitors, measures, and certifies packaging suppliers according to established brand owners’ quality standards.